Nov 2, 2006

Braking/Crashing question

Yamaha YZF-R1Not sure if this is applicable here, but it is definitely related to breaking. Well , as you know it's been quite a downpour here in Chennai and I managed to take my first bad fall from a bike. I was coming down a flyover and skidded going towards the left of the road as I had to stop (And STOP I did :(. Reduced the gears and stopped by applying brakes as soon as I realized I have lost control. Well nothing serious happened. The single Crash Bar (Knee Guard) got bent and the front headlight fairing got a small scratch along with the loss of a RVM. Well got the RVM and crash guard fixed the next day as am not comfortable driving without a proper rear view. Only wanted to know do such kinds of accident have any bad effect on the engine. Though I don't think it took a major shock as my leg was still caught between the bike and the road along with the bent knee guard. Uh ... I know its ugly for you but sorry I am just learning ... Oh and I learned one thing ... Always wear shoes along with the helmet while riding. The minor scratches I got on my right foot still feel hell. Do let me know if this would do any wrong to my Gladiator. And guess what I was just bringing it back from the first service that day and it shiny and bright...
The BATFAN; cross posted from here

There's a few things in here that I think need to be straightened out.

  1. Motorcycles and crashing go together like salty nibble-food and beer

  2. If you are falling, please let the bike get damaged. You can repair metal. Flesh and bones, sometimes don't quite repair quite as easily, which is terrible news. And to take the example to an extreme, you can buy another bike should you write it off. Can't say the same about the rider, though

  3. Crash guards are useless. (Please save your comments, I've been through this discussion so many times, that I'm physically exhausted about this. There is no research to support the presumption that crash guards work to help the rider. They were intended as safeguards for the engine)

  4. Crashes can damage all metal parts that suffer the impact. But if the engine didn't actually hit the ground, the chances of something inside breaking are fairly remote

  5. Don't stop at the shoes. Wear proper protective gear. Many studies (most recently, MAIDS) prove that properly used protective gear reduces the severity of injuries in almost all accident scenarios

  6. Ride more cautiously when visibility (both who can see you and what you can see) or traction (for you and for other drivers and riders) are scarce.


The BATFAN said...

Thanx ...

Well now that we have got to this ... I want to ask you something ... Buying proper safety gear ... This is like telling everybody in the country to buy a genuine copy of *every software* and not only the operating system for their PC.

A high end failry loaded PC can come for 50K in the country today ad you would get quite a PC for that just like you I got a good bike. But who will spend all most that much or even more on the software and similarly on the riding gear ...

Well I use *Free* Software as in Linux mostly as long as I a not forced to draw to Windows and Linux us quite extensively available. Can you tell me where in our vast country can we get descent(I am not talking about the high quality stuff) riding gear which includes everything for about say 10 to 12000. Well I really do want to get the stuff but its hard to find ...

The BATFAN said...

Was at newenough and found theseaffordable if I can find somebody in US to do the pick up for me.

Would take the liner for the jacket seeing the kind of rains we get in India. However I dont think the over pants would be water proof.

Though the jacket can be worn everyday I am not so sure about the overpants. Can you tell me if these things require any special wash care ... What is this mesh gear all about anyway. Isnt this normal textile ... Whats the mesh made of. Could you tell me if similar gear is available in India at near the same range ... Jacket for about Rs. 3k (4 with a waterproof liner) and overpants (I want overpants as cant wear the same trousers to office everyday :) for about Rs. 3.5k. Would spend another 1k on a descent pair of gloves probably

What say you ... Please let me know ...

The BATFAN said...

Hey found this while at it ...

Better for the wet weather as it is water resistant. Do let me know whether these jackets suit the hot Indian weather conditions. Also I find that this jacket comes with Triple Density Armour which was not imcluded in the jacket mentioned in the previous comment, though it did have some armour. Both retail for the same price though. Which one would be better keeping the weather too in mind ...

rearset said...

To answer your questions:

1) Cheaper alternative in India
At the moment there isn't one.

2) Cheapest way to get it
Order it and send it to someone in the US who will have to carry it back.

3) Waterproof overpants
Too bulky and too hot to actually use in our weather. You'll be much better off with a mesh overpant and wear a el cheapo Rs 300 PVC rain suit on top.

4) Jacket
Again, stick to mesh or vented jackets. Anything else is just too hot, and you won't use it after a while. If can afford it, check out the TourMaster Flex jacket, I rather like the idea.

5) What is mesh
It's a sieve like material, usually built from Nylon or other durable, abrasion resistant fabrics. Allows air to pass right through.

6) Decent gloves
I recommend picking a pair from's closeout section. I 'm on my third pair of Joe Rocket Razors...

6) Wash care
Usually, these things are hand wash, and you cannot hang them up to dry. Otherwise normal.

7) Other place to buy it
I've checked. Newenough is the cheapest. I've also used their website over and over. Reliable.

8) Overpants: Everyday?
I wear them everyday. I have Joe Rocket Phoenix pants that smell nauseatingly sweaty because I use them all the time. Sounds Yucky, but they're cool and will offer more protection than denim when it's time to take a tumble.

9) Boots?
Try finding an army store and buy a pair of cheap (Rs 200-350) DMS boots. They're quite good.