Nov 22, 2006

Mailbag # 1

Caughtilya-Rearset Stamp 1Yeehaa! I get to do my own mailbag. rearset's first mailbag. Yippee! etc.

Fan mail

I'm a avid reader of your blog. I really appreate the quality of the content of your posts. I like your perception of the indian motorcycling scene. Your notes on upcoming bikes and riding gear is also well set.. awesome!.. it's just what the indian biker needs to know and get tuned to .. great work indeed.

Your content is far better than any magazine that would 'attempt' to cater to an indian motorcycle enthusiast. Obviously mags will only carry content that will help sell it n earn revenues to the publisher. Little would they care about stuff that really matters. On the other hand I wish that your blog lives long and continues to provide free and true value to what the indian motorcycling audience needs..

I'm a tourer myself. I've toured around 30K kms so far around India on my Pulsar 180 dtsi. I'm 23, working in Pune.

Keep up the good work...
Cheers and best wishes,

It's always nice to hear that your work is appreciated. As far as your comment on Indian magazines goes, I think they're doing okay. I believe they're as honest as possible most of the time. Stay in touch

Helmet is a must... Awesome ad
Couldn't resist sending this to you.

Helmet Ad: Ganesh
Ankit Malhotra

I've seen that ad somewhere, and yes, I do think it's a terrific one. If I had a hi-res file, I'd put it up on various notice boards in the office and around... Thanks for that!

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