Nov 8, 2006

New Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi: The Skinny

The new Pulsar 150 from Bajaj is out. The big news is that the engine has been bored out by 1mm, so that it now displaces the same volume as the rest of the 150cc bikes - 149cc. Except for the Apache, which is still 147cc. In the process, the Pulsar boosts its power output to 14.2 bhp, just a bit more than the CBZ X-Treme and its torque peak to 1.3 kgm, again a bit more than the CBZ X-treme. Given that weigh is identical (kerb weight for both is 143 kg), the Pulsar should be the performance leader of the 150cc segment.

Powertrain modifications include the gearbox and clutch from the 180 (I'm told all the gearing is the same apart from the final reduction). Riding the bike, you won't notice the gearbox at all, which is a huge compliment. On the other hand, you will notice the clutch, which is lighter than before, completely judder free and very friendly.

Visually, take the pic of the Phantom 180 on the right and imagine a silver engine, and you have the 150 down pat. Obviously, no orange colour. Yes, that includes the digital speedo, all the switches and all the bits.

I rode the bike, and it felt good. It's become quieter, smoother and more effective. Just what an upgrade should do, eh?

Bajaj says the price will rise, ET reports a rise of Rs 2,200. It's a big figure all right, but somehow I don't think that's going to stop all the 40,000-odd people buying Pulsars from doing just that.


Sankoobaba said...

That is what people of Hero Honda are gona say when they see the new pulsar 150....Xtreme is gona have a tough fight!!!!
me..have already booked p-180..
blue one..
dad said go for 150 its has got all the digi-stuff and LED's i said no way..its gona b 180!!!! till the bike comes i m practicin on dads CT100...Hero Honda ppl lack imagination and innovation..

Anonymous said...

The way bajaj is coming up with all new changes in its bikes its just appreciable. the newness in the pulsar 150 is also done well.
now i want to know when the new pulsar 150,the skinny will be available at the bajaj showrooms? and will it be available at all bajaj showrooms or not?

rearset said...

Er sorry about that. Available now.

Anonymous said...

any word on when the dts-fi will be out?

rearset said...

Dec 5 is what I'm hearing. Bajaj's official line is still December 2006.

Srikar said...

hi der rearset,

are u sure about the specs of the new pulsar150dtsi ??? coz some say its da same(those who have ridden it) and few showrooms guys also say its da same, no difference in the specs. 14.2 and 149 if ofcourse gud news, but just wondering is it true. n yeah...hope it is true :D

rearset said...

If I'm not sure, you will see it marked as a rumour or a guesstimate. My specs and sources are impeccable. Believe it.

Jules said...

LOL, this had me in splits for a few minutes.

Hero Honda = Brand New (Crap) Bike
Bajaj = 1mm

winner ? Bajaj

they did the same thing with the karizma, just popped in a 2nd spark plug and the dtsi beat the zma.

p.s. just did a rough quarter mile test on the new 180 dtsi ug3. ~16 seconds.

gaurav said...

The new Pulsar 150 UG3 is just amzing..
First time i took bajaj's bike & i
was shoked with the performance..
It's really mind blowing.
The look of digital meter inspires us to drive in the evening..
Auto indicator shutoff ..
Powerfull LED..
mileage in city 55KM/lit..
Thus again slapping Hero Honda Right Left on one sucessful Devlopement..
As follows..
Bajaj Pulsar > Ambition,CBZ,Achiever,Karizma.
Thanks Bajaj....