Nov 2, 2006

Copycat on MouthShut

d_tanwar from mouthshut.comHave you seen this man? D_Tanwar is a member of and has posted a review of the Honda Shine at the website. Which is admirable. Except for the fact that the post is an exact copy of my Shine review post. Which is theft.

I'm not blaming the website, of course. I have a couple of friends who were regular reviewers for a while (and still are, I think), and personally, I think mouthshut (and its ilk) are a great idea.

d_tanwar's plagiarised post at, detailed screenshotBelow is a screenshot of his post. And here is the link to my Shine post.

Mixed feelings, really: I write well enough to get copied. But not well enough to get credit for it, apparently.

Oh yeah, photo and screenshot courtesy Blog post idea courtesy: d_tanwar

1 comment:

sac said...

gaaah dont you fucking hate it when your words get nicked. godammit, it's personal, man!! but yes - good sign of blog success!