Nov 4, 2006

Protective gear query

Fieldsheer Mag 1 jacketCrossposting from a comment again:

Can you tell me where in our vast country can we get decent (I am not talking about the high quality stuff) riding gear which includes everything for about say 10 to 12000. Well I really do want to get the stuff but its hard to find ... Was at newenough and found these affordable if I can find somebody in US to do the pick up for me.

Would take the liner for the jacket seeing the kind of rains we get in India. However I dont think the over pants would be water proof.

Though the jacket can be worn everyday I am not so sure about the overpants. Can you tell me if these things require any special wash care ... What is this mesh gear all about anyway. Isnt this normal textile ... Whats the mesh made of. Could you tell me if similar gear is available in India at near the same range ... Jacket for about Rs. 3k (4 with a waterproof liner) and overpants (I want overpants as cant wear the same trousers to office everyday :) for about Rs. 3.5k. Would spend another 1k on a decent pair of gloves probably

What say you ... Please let me know ..

Hey found this while at it ...

Better for the wet weather as it is water resistant. Do let me know whether these jackets suit the hot Indian weather conditions. Also I find that this jacket comes with Triple Density Armour which was not included in the jacket mentioned in the previous comment, though it did have some armour. Both retail for the same price though. Which one would be better keeping the weather too in mind

The BATFAN - 13 November, 2006 16:56

To answer your questions:

  1. Cheaper alternative in India
    At the moment there isn't a cheaper alternative. But see the post link in point 10 and scroll down to the comments...

  2. Cheapest way to get it
    Order it and send it to someone in the US who will have to carry it back.

  3. Waterproof overpants
    Too bulky and too hot to actually use in our weather. You'll be much better off with a mesh overpant and wear a el cheapo Rs 300 PVC rain suit on top.

  4. Jacket
    Again, stick to mesh or vented jackets. Anything else is just too hot, and you won't use it after a while. If can afford it, check out the Tour Master Flex Convertible Mesh/Textile Jacket, I rather like the idea.

  5. What is mesh
    It's a sieve like material, usually built from Nylon or other durable, abrasion resistant fabrics. Allows air to pass right through.

  6. Decent gloves
    I recommend picking a pair from's closeout section. I 'm on my third pair of Joe Rocket Razor Mesh/Leather Street Gloves

  7. Wash care
    Usually, these things are hand wash, and you cannot hang them up to dry. Otherwise normal.

  8. Other place to buy it
    I've checked. Newenough is the cheapest. I've also used their website over and over. Reliable.

  9. Overpants: Everyday?
    I wear them everyday. I have Joe Rocket Phoenix 2.0 Mesh Pants that smell nauseatingly sweaty because I use them all the time. Sounds Yucky, but they're cool and will offer more protection than denim when it's time to take a tumble.

  10. Boots?
    Try finding an army surplus store and buy a pair of cheap (Rs 200-350) DMS boots. They're work out quite well.

  11. More information
    See this post


The BATFAN said...

Hey thanx for your really elaborate advice. Can you tell me what the vented jackets are about. And what I could get was that the vented breathables with a liner are the best bet for a country like ours. Would their price range be the same as the mesh jackets or would they be more expensive. As you mentioned I am plannign to get the gear shipped to a friend in US by newenough.

rearset said...

Vented jackets have (usually) zippers near the collar bones, down the back (vertical) and/or zippers on the sleeves or neat the armpits. These zippers open up to (usually) reveal either holes, of the inner polyester lining. The idea being to flow air in and out of the jacket. Prices should be comparable, although they're usually 10-20 per cent more expensive

The BATFAN said...

Seems to be vented while I have unfortunately run out of size and color in

Well the above mentioned Cortech Polyester jacket does seem to be vented.

I still do doubt the wash care of this stuff and am not sure what would be the drying time to get my armour back to make myself road worthy again. And as you mentioned these things cant be hang dried ... Do you mean that these have to completely drip dry in shade. I guess that would take a lot of time. Can they be machine rinsed. Also as the life of clothes is normally in number of washes, how long would they last considering daily usage and once a bi weekly to monthly wash. I know I am asking a bit too much but I am really ignorant about this stuff and they are a sizable investment to make so I thought it best to know all the facts. Well lastly what would be easier to maintain, this mesh stuff or the vented textile jackets.

rearset said...

Oh stop it. Stop it. You're worrying too much. Motorcycle kit is hardy stuff. It doesn't spoil easily. Lasts a little short of forever and is easy to maintain.

Mesh requires no-hand, in-shade drying. Most textile jackets are quite happy to have a spin in the machine and then in the dryer. And they dry in no time at all. In the shade, I've had spin-dried jackets ready to go in fifteen min!

Now promise me, no more questions... :-D

The BATFAN said...

Ok then let's hope ;) this is the last one :(

Quoting from yur earlier post :

If the weather in your town alternates between extremes, you want a vented jacket made of breathable material.

Please let me know whether all textile jackets are breathable. Is the Cortech Fusion jacket I have linked to above in the post and comments breathable for example. It does seem to be vented. Also your explanation of being breathable saying that it allows heat to escape but not implying wind come in does mean that we do need breathable for our country as the heat does tend to get bad and something that does not allow it to escape as in the "non breathable" stuff would be really hard on a rider in city driving. So how do I get to make out this breathability as I couldnt see that mentioned against the jacket's feature sets at newenough.

rearset said...

I told you no more questions, dinn-I?

Anyway, all tex jackets are not breathable. Breathable ones will be labelled as breathable. They're supposed to allow heat to escape and at good speeds (one indian rider said 105+ kph) you can even feel the air coming in, but in our heat breathable is still too hot. That's why I recommended the vented ones.

To avoid one more question, anything not labelled breathable isn't.

kartz said...

Have you heard of Hit-air?
Its a wearable airbag and comes with the usual CE armour in all the impact areas. My brother & I imported these (Autobahn model) jackets from Japan a couple of years back. Its saved my life more than once.

You could write to their marketing
guy (Stephen Gagne) or call him +81-528077750. I was to start the distribution for these jackets in India but my priorities changed. Besides, its a super niche market and obviously very little takers.

Interested? Go to

For the touring junta I'd highly recommend the Motorrad model.

Btw, the cost was Rs.11,000 per jacket (inclusive of customs duty) but its worth it!