Nov 15, 2006

Riding Solo: The Film

Gaurav Jani, Riding Solo To the Top Of The WorldGaurav Jani's acclaimed, multi-award winning, one-man effort, documentary, Riding Solo To the Top Of The World is now available on DVD at Dirt Track Productions now. At Rs 600, including shipping, the DVD seems well worth the effort. I watched about forty minutes of it, and while there is a bit extra drama now and then, it seems like a superhuman effort. Jani's got it just right in most places, with stunning shots. In short, the film is a feat. A must watch.


Anonymous said...

You watched 'about forty minutes of it' and yet recommend it as a "must watch"???

rearset said...

Yes, I didn't have the time (in the office) to watch anymore, my boss was getting very red-faced and upset.

Also, I am impressed with the quality of the work, how real the film is (I've ridden the road to Leh and his comments and more or less spot on) and it really represents an amazing achievement. That's good enough in my book no matter what happens in the next 54 minutes of the film.

I'll upgrade the rating to 'must own' only after I watch the whole thing, tho.

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for clarifying :-)).