Nov 9, 2006

Lady Bulleteers

Here's a nice video about women bikers in India. Was sent to me by a friend. It appears to have been shot for a TV channel or something, which explains the fairly OTT voiceover (and if I am in violation of some copyright, please email me, I'll remove this post. Still, it's a nice enough video. If it doesn't load, you can see it here


Sankoobaba said...

where are the updates...
update your!!!
hey u know i m learning a bike..
and pracising on CT-100..
i want to know...that when i start the jerks a bit ..before doesnt move progressively like others...but if i dont throttle stops again with a jerk...maybe my technique is it better try ride at low speeds in 2nd gear or 3rd gear...or 1st gear??
thats all ....can u help??

The BATFAN said...

I know I should leave this to the expert i.e. our dear rearset but never drive a vehicle in first gear. The first gear is only for starting the ride. After that the second gear should be used for anything up to coming to a complete halt at which you can switch to neutral for a halt.

Hey Rearset, I just went through the MSF's riding tips and I would like to thank you for putting reference to such good stuff. I would also like to ask one thing. In the manual I noticed that each time it was stated to come to a complete halt it was advised to keep the left foot down first. Why was the left foot advised to be kept down first.

Roshan said...

This a womens bullet group in Bangalore. This clip was shown in CNN IBN.

- Roshan

rearset said...

Which gear you select depends on the situation. But as a thumb rule, find the highest gear the bike will take without sputtering for smoothness. I do ride in first gear now and then, when I think it is necessary.

Why stop with the left down first? So you can use the rear brake to slow down to the stop.

The BATFAN said...

Well what if I am cutting right and need to suddenly stop. MSF tiips say that strightening the motorcycle is better even while stopping during a turn. But straightening during a turn is surely not an easy job and that too strighten enough so as to get the other side foot down would be hard I guess. At the same time, cant really apply the rear brakes if the foot goes off to control the bike from a sure fall due to a sharp brake. Interesting Situation then. What say you? What would you do? Hmmm and as for the first gear in drive ... I think I know your reasoned necessity of it. After all its supposed to be the gear for the highest pick up and who doesnt know your need for speed.