Feb 23, 2007

Bajaj-Hero Honda offshore battle?

The excerpt below is from here

Madhur Bajaj, executive director, Bajaj Auto has also promised to take the Munjal family on the Honolulu trip if they promised to sit back for at least a month. “Pawan Munjal has always been fleet-footed. When we walk, he runs,” Bajaj said.
Funny story that one. Read the full thing here. It would appear that the Bajaj-HH battle is getting close and heated. And what is better is that no one seems to have lost their bearings or sense of humour yet. At least in public at any rate. May the best one win...

Oh and lest I forget, I got the link either from BikeNomads or BajajPulsar. I can't remember now am posting both links. So sorry.

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Now what should I say.... said...

Well reading that article i was thinking Bajaj was closer, atleast i think they were the last time i checked the stats. But 1 lakh bikes is still a huge difference, that will be a bit of a chase!

But I hope Bajaj beats HH, its like rooting for Raikkonen against Schumi. What the hell, I am going with Bajaj!

P/S: Came across ur blog a couple of weeks back, neat! Just opened mine recently too.