Apr 6, 2007

Cramster Riding Gear: Details

Below are the high-res images of the new kit from Cramster (world famous in India for their line of motorcycle luggage and great aftersales service). Feast your eyes people. The stuff is gorgeous and of very high quality. When I first organised the logistics to go and see this kit, I wasn't really expecting this level of quality and I'm blown away and happy about it. If I were buying kit right now, this is the stuff I'd buy. In quality and styling terms, I think the jackets and gloves are more or less at par with many international brands. And in a price comparison, they'll beat the crap out of them.

Newenough fans, I have tough news. I was trying to order some stuff and it seems that since the site was redesigned, you can only ship items to your paypal account country. Which sucks. I've emailed them, and will post the reply here soon. It also means that the $99 jacket you were eyeing will cost you $40 to ship no matter how many people are returning from the US. Uh oh. Anyway, this makes the Cramster jackets – prices range from a little over Rs 4000 to a little over Rs 5000 – very attractive.

I saw three jackets (I've forgotten their exact monikers) but there's a cool looking mesh, a sport jacket and a full touring rig that's vented, waterproof and heavily pocketed. I loved all three. I tried on the sport jacket and it feel good and snug. The venting works, but the air doesn't really get down into the jacket, so you'll sweat a bit. The touring jacket looks smashing in the sober grey colours and is my favourite of the lot. The mesh jacket has an external waterproof liner pocket, while both of the others have a zip-our quilted liner. All three have CE armour and basic back protectors. And the slight orange tint in the pics is because of the setting sun. All three jackets are in black/grey/white combinations.

Cramster also has three gloves and the range spans a short cuff street glove with a carbon crust, boasts a warm, waterproof winter glove (Ladakh incumbents please note) and tops off with a rather likeable sport glove, again with as much carbon as you can eat. At Rs 2500 or so, I thought the last one was a particularly good deal.

Good kit, at good prices. Finally. And locally.

info@cramster.in | cramster.in

High res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding GearHigh res image of Cramster Riding Gear


tburman said...

I just received my Cramster Stallion, Turtle bags and City gloves today. Excellent quality stuff and great prices. Very nice to see quality riding gear finally availably locally.

Arpan said...

this may not be exactly on topic but my query is:-
Bought the AGV Helmet in April 2004.Now need a change suggest anything with a visor as good as AGV and padding slightly better :)