Apr 24, 2007

Think bigger, think macro

You should already have read at some motorcycle riding tip or the other, that watching the road right in front of the front wheel is a bad idea. It speeds up your perception and makes you go slower. It also focusses your attention on a smaller patch and you lose the bigger picture.

That principle also applies to other things. Like the chap who is trying to muscle you out of your lane. In the bigger picture, it doesn't matter, does it? If he is a cager, you'll catch him and pass him soon anyway. If he is a biker, he'll soon get what he's asking for, right?

So give way. From inside a full face helmet, the next bit's hard to do, but smile and invite him into the space, almost. This has two effects. The smile will dissipate any anger/hatred you've got brewing and it averts a possible confrontation. But there's a still bigger picture – this does not slow you down one little teensy-weensy bit. You will still be quick through traffic. And because of your lower stress levels, you'll probably find yourself riding better, concentrating harder and generally feeling more upbeat.

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