Apr 18, 2007

LML reopens

I'm unable to place the source right now (was it you? email me at gmail.com@rearsetblog | reverse that, spam protection) but I'm hearing that LML is reopening its doors. The company went through a rather low phase but is beginning the climb back. I read that an agreement with workers has been reached and the company will start making scooters aimed primarily for export soon.


Srikeerthi said...


Confirms the re-opening of the factory. Not necessarily of the LML fortunes :)

Milind said...

Yes! LML is reopening. Share market source said today is the most important meeting to discuss financial matters.

first_synn said...


Does this mean the return of "The united colors of (LML) Freedom"?

And was there any weight in rumors about Kymco scouting LML's Infrastructure?