Apr 12, 2007

Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

I haven't got much to add value to this so I won't. But here is an impressively exhaustive guide to buying a used motorcycles. So exhaustive (125Kb!) that I'm sure most of us aren't going to read it for kicks. Until it's time to buy one. Then I won't have to hunt. I'll just come back to this post.

I found this link while stumbling along through the net


Anonymous said...

A man who read through that guide and still bought a second-hand motorcycle... doesn't exist.

Buying a second-hand bike sucks anyway. New bikes, most definitely, RULE!

The BATFAN said...

This is indeed turning out to be disappointing. Pricing will be key for the volumes game and going by the looks on this Platina and the newly launched Star Sport (hell even the Alloyed Star City with new graphics) would be ranked better by anybody. The only deal Yamaha has to offer is quality. I kid you not. I have ridden my Galdiator for the last 6 months and though this is not the time period to judge a bike in for longetivity I must say the bike is super smooth, super responsive and a rider's delight except for the tad slow mid and top range. Mileage so far at best has been 60 and at worst 52. So is a good Discover beater any time.

Vlad said...

A man who bought even a brand new motorcycle without reading that guide is a fool. New bikes rule alright, especially with the dealership and your bank. I'd rather have someone else loose 20-30% of their money in the first years of ownership and buy gently used and well equipped, thank you very much.