Apr 23, 2007

TVS Apache RTR 160: In the full

TVS Apache RTR 160Yes, that's a strange angle, but that's the racing stripe and the
'aircraft-style' fuel filler cap for the TVS Apache RTR 160
TVS Apache RTR 160The front mudguard
TVS Apache RTR 160Note the grey bellypan/engine cowl. I wish it
was in colour (as in the yellow or red...)
TVS Apache RTR 160Check out the pillion footpeg
TVS Apache RTR 160Finally, aluminium finish levers!TVS Apache RTR 160
Those are the new clip on handlebars. They adjust into two riding positions. You take the plastic cover off (two allen bolts), unbolt the clip-ons and slide them into the new position.... simple.
TVS Apache RTR 160And finally, the full bike.
TVS Apache RTR 160
TVS Apache RTR 160As you can see, the head lamp remains unchanged. What is missing from this
bike (a prototype) is the pinstriping on the wheels and the final
spec meters (posted earlier; link below)

The specs:
TVS Apache RTR 160

4 Stroke, 159.7 cc, Single
Maximum Power: 11.19 KW (15.2 bhp) @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.1 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Bore x Stroke : 62mm x 52.9 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Carburettor: Mikuni BS-26
Valve train: 2 Valves, single cam
Valves per cylinder: 2 Valves
Power to weight ratio: 111.76 bhp / ton
Starting: Electric & Kick Start
Idle speed : 1400rpm
Ignition: IDI-Dual mode digital ignition
Engine oil capacity: 1000 ml


Clutch : Wet, Multi-Plate
Primary reduction: 65/21
Final reduction: 44/13

Type: Double Cradle

Front: Telescopic Forks, 105mm Stroke
Rear: Monotube Inverted Gas filled shox (MIG) with spring aid
Castor angle: 25.5°
Trail length: 81.3 mm


Front: 270 mm Petal Disc
Rear: 130 mm Drum

Rim size (Front): 1.85 x 17”
Rim size (Rear): 2.15 x 18”
Tyre size (Front): 90/90 x 17”
Tyre size (Rear): 100/80 x 18”
Tyre make: TVS Tyres

Fuel tank capacity: 16.0 lit
Reserve: 2.5 lit
Useable reserve: 1.7 lit


Length: 2020 mm
Width: 730 mm
Height: 1050 mm
Wheelbase: 1300 mm
Saddle height: 790 mm
Ground clearance: 180 mm


Kerb weight: 136 kg
Weight distribution: Kerb (F/R) 60/76 kg
Laden (F/R) (Solo - 65kg) 79/122 kg

0-60 kph: 4.80 seconds
0-100 kph: 17.69 seconds
0-100 m: 7.91 seconds
0-400 m: 19.70 seconds
30-80 kph (4th gear): 11.84 seconds
30-80 kph (5th gear): 15.68 seconds
Maximum speed: 118 kph

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Anonymous said...


Hrishi said...

Looks very sculpted. It should have been a couple of points larger that what it is. Would make a great 250.

Also liked the console. have one question, the silver looking thing (the console case itself) is plastic, right? :(
Would have been excellent if it was billeted aluminum...

rearset said...


Hitanshu said...

Very nicely done.
THREE THUMBS UP on the watermarking. So much for people hotlinking. You KICK ASSSS :D And yes, nice review.

All important koshuns:
Ground clearance?
Fifth gear, what speeds does it hit 80?100?120? :D

Mucho Maha thanks. Keep rocking!

Anonymous said...

Great. So has TVS retained the same ratios or altered them? Is the engine mounting compatable with that of old Apache and Fiero?

Big q Indian's will ask. Whats the mileage? :)

When is the next scoop coming?

Anonymous said...

sorry dude, but the watermarked pics are crap. you don't have to leave your mark all over the pics, do you? just one or two marks in the centre of the pic, where they can't be photoshopped out, should do. also, I'm curious. since you seem to spend so much time on doing this blog, what do you do to earn a living? does google adsense really pay so much? :D

Madhukar said...

What abt size bro ?

She looks small still. :(


Glifford said...

So does this replace th current 150? Or do they both run side by side?

rearset said...

Well, I was hoping that it would mean the end of the line for the 150, but apparently that's now how it is going to be. The 150 has been consigned to run parallel to the 160 and exit by attrition of sales numbers...

cooolest said...

that's exactly i was expecting.nice review. but don't u think so co. should have been done with the size, still looking smaller than other (P150 & P180).

Glifford said...

Unfortunate! Tho' expected that!

The way the 160 has been designed... racing stripes and all, it does seem to be like a limited edition (but may be a regular production model).

No matter how close it is placed to the 150, unless they stop producing the 150, people will continue buying it for reasons of "better mileage" if not anything else! Sad!

The P180 is just a thousand and a half or so higher than the P150, still it is a niche machine!

Nyctophobia said...

i see someone went overboard with the watermark :-p

does a 10 cc increase make sense? :-S

Anonymous said...

the watermark completly spoils the fun of viewing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the great Indian motorcycle race is going off on a tangent. Much as I like alloy wheels, LED tail-lamps, digital instrument consoles and speed stripes, what I really want is bigger engines and more power. Firm suspension. Broad and sticky radial tyres (tubeless ones please). And better roads.

The question is, when?

khini said...

Disapointed. Why bring in a bike with just 10cc up. Does it really matter. It would have made sense to bring the Apache as LX and VX models. less expensive and more expensive.
With Harley around the corner and The japs coming in shortly with 200 and 350cc upgrades TVS need to offer a more powerful bike say a 250cc with all regular features.
I dont understand what a change in brake lever/AL handles/paint job could excite a bike enthu.to go for the RTR.Poor marketing and thinking by TVS.

The Apache has many fine tunning to be made.
1. The exhaust resonator is located where all the road waste gets thrown at
2.The tappets need frequent setting
3.The elctric starter motor is the most un refined. It could wake your neighbour
4.Why do you need a heel and toe gear shift for a jazzy bike. The toe only shift should be re-designed for accomodating a standard feet size. This is how the bike needs to be ridden.
5.The mag wheels need better bonding paint finish not one which gets peeled off everytime you get your flat tyre done.

The bike is fun but the vibrations is one thing TVS will have to address and do something. Providing dampners on the handles etc.
have a nice day

Arpan said...

All i can say is "Pulsar killer"
I had told navendu that when the apache comes,bajaj will come out with a feature rich pulsar that will kick tvs so badly it wouldnt enter this segment again. Gladly taking my words back,Pulsar sales are going to drop by 20% easily.
NO ONE would buy a pulsar now neither would I (this is coming from a guy who had a classic 150 and now a ditsi V1 180)

Anonymous said...

man were you trigger happy with the watermark thing or what or should i say mouse happy. anyways can you please tone them down the next time around. a little logo in the corner or maybe a single 'rearset' strip would do. thanks.

@hafeez--what are you a legal beagle huh??

Anonymous said...

Damm people....Dont wanna get mean but...This apache Stinks....The TVS dudes didnt keep in mind that the 1st apache was quite SIMILAR except a few things......This bike wont change the sales (NO GOOD BIKE).....PULSAR SIMPLY ROXXX specially the 200cc 1

Anonymous said...

features are cool!!! i wish if i can pay sum amt 2 tvs for upgradin ma ol apache 4 dis new 1... jus like anti virus software n other computer software does... u pay 1nce n features wil b updated free of cost... wat say ppl???
i feel kinda cheated bought an apache jus 2 weeks back n tat ol shole dealer didnt even inform a new model is 2 b launchd...

Abhishek Tyagi said...

i lovvveeeee it....
i really hate to look at pulsar...wen is more ubiquitous than nything else on the road....
Apache is really a worthy replacement.....
BUT....can anybody plzzzzz do something with its headlite....
yukk...seems someone has smashed it frm the front......
yeh dil mange more....!!!!!!!

toms said...

One should have to be a fool to compare this thing with the Pulsar. Simply, Pulsar is the best bike that India has ever produced in the upper-end region. Also, now that they are out with the DTS-Fi, i dont see a potential competition for the Bajaj anytime now. But clearly, Unicorn was a better bike than Apache.

Manoj said...

this bike looks good in style. But the major question is what will be the mileage? still looking small (150cc look).
Manoj, Chetan (SVIL)

Anonymous said...


no doubt about its mileage its around 46 Kmpl on city driving conditions.

looks like a fry but drives like a flight

Anonymous said...

I am get a mileage of 53-55km in city riding condition (40-55 kmh).

Anonymous said...

this looks like a apace - pulsar fight over here...
i was a pulsar fan since it was launched.. always wanted to buy one... old apache did not interest me much...
I have done like 3000 kms... and have beaten any pulsar on the road... they try a lot... make their machines scream... but just cant beat my RTRs initials... another thing about RTR is the power it generates when you are ripping.. the faster you go more throttle... the more speed... it listnes to your hand...
BELIEVE ME OR NOT I HAVE DONE 0 TO 60 IN UNDER 4 SECONDS... pulsar is pure crap for me now...
PPL in the traffic signals just cant take their eyes of my bike..

God Nerd said...

this looks like a apace - pulsar fight over here...
i was a pulsar fan since it was launched.. always wanted to buy one... old apache did not interest me much...
I have done like 3000 kms... and have beaten any pulsar on the road... they try a lot... make their machines scream... but just cant beat my RTRs initials... another thing about RTR is the power it generates when you are ripping.. the faster you go more throttle... the more speed... it listnes to your hand...
BELIEVE ME OR NOT I HAVE DONE 0 TO 60 IN UNDER 4 SECONDS... TOP SPEED I VE DONE IS 124 KMPH pulsar is pure crap for me now...

tom said...

apache model is good, but very disapointed, u know why?

1. the vibration is suck
2. top speed only 118 kmh...got
be kidding....that very2 bad news

i just cancel my order. :)

Abhineet said...

ref:RTR Refresh model

hi there,
..about the shrouds on the petrol tank...are those removable? I am keen on buying the RTR and had visited a showroom yesterday to see how it actually looked.. ..I was impressed.. I found it to be just the way I like a bike to be - compact and a good performer.
I'd like to do away with the shrouds though (a personal preference :) ) and had enquired the same from the showroom guy and was told that these came screwed on, so could be removed by unscrewing.. just wanted to make sure :) and asking, in case you know..


anurag said...

i have a new RTR 160 and its rock.
i had a pulsar ride and trust me it RTR is much more then it looks...
just turn the throttle and u wil surely know about the RACING THROTTLE RESPONSE........
FOR max Speed I had gone 135kmph. and engine wants to go more.......
go get a RTR and burn some rubber on roads....

Basu Chauhan said...

Hii Frns,

Quite impressed with RTR n wanna buy one ..

I like it plain .. can we remove those stripes running across..??

angad said...

dude i have taken the bike to the top speed of 127 by giving the RPM on 10.

Vinayak said...

TVS RTR 160 apache motor cycle is good looking bike I am also using this, but its engine performance is bad . It requires frequently tappet setting & its firing is not so good & it becomes hard after some time running of bike . also its engine making noise & vibration after heating.& also it has a battery problem.

Anonymous said...

excuse me bikers....could anyone tell me which bike is the best for a long period use[150cc+]and gives good mileage,power and less noise...1>tvs apache .2>pulsar.3>cbz extreme.4>hero hnda hunk...?

Anonymous said...

1. Hard shock absorber
2. Problem of Gearbox, not smooth compare to KARIZMA
3. No tubeless tyres, not available
4. Poor tail lamp looks, old fashioned
5. Sporty stickering is ok not superb is 100% true,

This is good but there are lot of scope for the improvement.
this is not look like the strong bike due to the little shape.
i hope dt apache 200 is very smoother than rtr 160 and also hopes that it achieves the top speed greater than 150.i request u to get 6 gears in 200 and also hopes that it will be launched before march of the next year.but in rtr headlights and taillights needs adjustment and improvement,so i hopes dt the model,design is totally different (such as the headlight and taillight) from rtr menace and also hopes dt it has the dimensions greater than 180.i hopes that it consists of the xenon headlight and also hopes that the bhp of 200 is greater than 25 and it achieves the acceleration of 100kmph in less than 6 sec and 60kmph in less than 3 sec.and it has the power:weight greater than 150.i hopes dt the indicator of 200 is also LED and it has six gears,and it has double disc brakes on the front tyre like on hayabusha.and the light in speedometer is bluish in colour.i hopes that the UPCOMING 200 beats the recrd and performance of the new karizma R.


vishnu said...

y wont u guys release a metallic blue colour apache rtr in 160 & 180 series it looks really nice wen u do dis plz relase a blue colour apache as if as a 1st model apache bike plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

If any one need rtr 180, 160 service manual, u can get it from here.... its really useful.....