Apr 26, 2007

Discover 135 DTSi: Specs

Bajaj Discover 135Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi

Displacement: 134.2 cc, DTSi
Maximum Power: 13.1 bhp@8500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 1.21 Kg-m@6500 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 58 x 50.8
Compression Ratio: 9.5 : 1
Carburettor: Keihin FIE NCV24
Starting: Kick and Electric Start
Ignition: Digital C.D.I with Load Sensing
Ignition timing: Variable Ignition Maps

Type: Double cradle
Brakes: 260mm240mm Hydraulic Disc/130mm Drum
Tyres: 2.75 X 17” Tubeless/100x90 X 17” Tubeless

Analogue Speedometer & Tachometer with Fuel gauge

Capacity: 10 litres
Reserve: 2.3 litres, Fuel level indication by Fuel gauge
Useable reserve: 1.5 litres

Length: 2030 mm
Width: 760mm
Height: 1065mm
Wheelbase: 1305mm
Ground clearance: 179mm

Kerb weight: 133 kg
Max. payload: 130kg

Rs 48,500 (ex-Pune)

Did you notice the tubeless tyres? I wasn't expecting those to be hiding in there... At this rate, they'll probably launch a P150 with radial tubeless tyres and then hide it in the specs... That's a great move. Tubeless tyres going down the value chain is a great, great sign. Of course, the D135 will probably have a lower sales volume than the 125, and will become the premium model offering in the 125 segment. Sort of like the TVS 160 in the 150 segment...

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Anonymous said...

black colour engines look quite cheap in my opinion. they look like a lot of cheap black paint has been splashed on to the engine, ready to drip out.

from far it looks good but from close its ugly.

Sprotor said...

The tubeless tyres are a direct fit on the Pulsar DTSi UG2 and UG3s. Phew, .. finally! ..

zain inhonvi said...

NOthing diff frm the old disco in the design front...except the black theme...

Lets see what teh extra 10cc really mean...

hrishikesh said...

there shld b disc brakes to giv a bttr luk !

rearset said...

I think black engines are great. If not for styling then for the fact that people like Honda are finally painting up the engines. Living in mumbai, it was depressing to have all the japanese bikes I've ever ridden fur up with white corrosion spots as soon as the sky became overcast.

There are discs, I just haven't got my hands on the 135 pic yet. The pic, I think, is a black 125 with a front disc.

Rajiv said...

It does come with disc brakes. Moreover, the half chain cover gives the bike a sporty look. Decent average and good looks are a key to Bajaj Discover 135

Anonymous said...

guys i drove the 135 cc ... same as the old one... execpt the discs... the engine refinement is not good... unlike the pulsar which got itself a good engine upgrade

karthik said...

i think itz damn flop nothing more power full. thers no demand for 135 cc bikes in the public, its a bull shit in front of apache RTR

theslayer said...

@rearset: What is happening to a Bajaj fanatic like me? P200 had problems. If you've been observing those posts on xBhp, two of those P220 owners have been crying their heart out.. The Zma was never as appealing as it seems now.. That would be sacrilege wouldn't it..to go for a HH bike after having been a Bajaj fanboy for years together..Maybe i should switch to cars for a couple of years until somebody throws a super perfect bike in my way..Damn..the things a guy has to pray to God for... Engineering be damned.. And by the way...a comprehensive road test of the D135, might help me stabilize my faith with Bajaj..hehe..thanks

Anonymous said...

saw the disco 135 advt. on the telly today.....continues the same theme as the old one.....pretty neat

Anonymous said...

"Discover the jaadoo"?!??!?! Yeee..eeessshhhh!!! CRAP!

Julian Paul said...

Does the disco 135 have a 5-speed gearbox ?

It'll be a shame if it doesn't - the competition does...

Sandeep said...

Are tubless tyres confirmed ?
A 135 owner has posted on xbhp.com that it doesn't come with tubeless tyres !

Milind said...

I have inquired with 2-3 dealers in Mumbai .. they said Discover 135 doesn't come with Tubeless tyres...

Anonymous said...

is it really 260 disc up front??....even 150 and 180 have 240

rearset said...

No they're 240mm all right. The spec list I got was in error. Sorry about that...

Anonymous said...

Nice look but what is its Average (per Liter). Please rely

Visit Nepal a Toursim Place for fun said...

What is mileage (per liter)?