Nov 17, 2007

Yamaha R1: It's been 10 years!

It's been ten years since I fell in love with the R1. Thought I'd have a celebration of sorts. However, I have to say that this race replica paint is hardly the way I would celebrate 10 years of something so iconic... That said. Congrats!

Anyone know if November 28 is the final, frozen, launch date?


Anonymous said...

i heard of nov 4. but tht is gone now. yeah this month is most likely. although auto expo would hav been nicer too. but the sooner the better

Max said...

Are you congratulating them for completing 10 years of the R series (not just the R1) or are you congratulating them for you falling in love with the R1 years back? :P



ps - leaving out all mention of the R6 is a tad unfair IMHO. It deserves equal mention (in many ways it is a more practical machine too) I say.