Jun 21, 2007

Yamaha India TV Ad: What's in it?

This ad is being aired on Discover Travel & Living. There seems to be much hullaballo about what it means and all. Well, read this. Also, the models shown seem comfusing to lots of people – thinking very creatively, if you see some of the comments about this at YouTube. Anyway, in order of appearance, the bikes are MT-01 (speedo only), MT-03 (white bike), YZF-R6 (rear-end), MT-01 (headlamp), MT-03 (cornering), R1 (I think, too fast to see), MT-01 (engine detail), YZF-R1, YZF-R6 (cornering, static). This is a corporate advert, no question. But it does feature the two bikes Yamaha India is likely to launch soon.

Ad hosted at YouTube, does not belong to me in any way.


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Nyctophobia said...

OMG !!! rearset to be interviewed!!!

first_synn said...

Yo rearset..

Yamaha Kindya spilled a couple of beans the other day, didn't they?

Any updates from your side?