Apr 2, 2006

Cocktail of gods

If I had to pick two words out of South America that are truly impressive, they would be… no not Latina and Bikini, they would be Churrascarria and Caipirinha. And in this post, I'll eulogise about the latter.

The recipe is very simple. Take a glass and the hard end of a mortar (and pestle). Put four chopped wedges of lemon into the glass and pound the bejesus out of them with the mortar. Then load the lemons with sugar, so you have a cool lemony-sweety syrup in the bottom. Add tons of ice and top up with Brazilian white rum (Aguardiente or Cachaça (pronounced Kachasa). Serve repeatedly for utter, total disorientation, an unbelievable high and great, great fun. Do not mix with cars, motorcycles or neurosurgery.

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Sameer Kumar said...

Sounds good! Let's see if I can try this in the evening today.

Have to catch up with you one of these days. Perhaps the next time when I'm in Mumbai... :-)