Apr 19, 2006

Kolkata Snapshots

Typical Kolkata Street SceneYes, it still is the land of yellow Ambassador cabs,
heavy traffic and a full-blown cacophony of noise.

The photo looks bad, I know. But it was shot though a
rain and mud streaked windshield of a Tata Sumo. The
white truck is heading the wrong way in the middle
of a four-lane divided highway. And he does not have
headlights on. He's bang in the middle of the road.
And is carrying metal girders (dark shadow sticking
out both sides) that project out as much as three feet
in front of and behind that truck. Why? Because the
trucker decided driving two extra kilometres to take
a U-turn is too tough, and the cops just don't
give a damn...

Yes, we've all seen pics like this before. But the
tilted truck is full of Bajaj motorcycles, on their
way to customers.

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