Apr 14, 2006

The Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey

Image courtesy BSMotoring
Yes, it returns. I was all excited about the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey last year when a close friend went on the motorcycle trip and came back raving. Now I've heard that people at REML are planning this year's edition already, tentatively scheduled for end-June 2006. For those outside the in-the-know, the ride leaves Delhi and winds to Leh and then returns. The Bullet riders range from experienced to inadequate, but the trip really does work. The scenery, terrain and difficulty are spell-binding but it's a great story when you return. And, I'm told it isn't even that expensive. Shucks!

Anyway here are the links (trip logs from last year):

Himalayan Odyssey@bsmotoring.com
Himalayan Odyssey@autocar.com
Himalayan Odyssey@royalenfield.com

For more information and to sign up, badger away at

Those who're planning to join the ride, I'll be putting up a comprehensive packing list up here soon, until then, cheers lads.

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Girish said...

Hey man, Thanks i was searching for this detail like madman since i saw their add in RE site. I wanted some info like who can join and what is the criteria. Please provide some information.

Response will be gighly appreciated.

Girish Sharma
Yahoo IM: lonsomecrow

rearset said...

To answer your questions:

1) Who can join?
I think anyone with a serviceable Bullet can join. In fact, some of the Bullets that went with us were so far gone that they had to be dragged up kicking and screaming. But excellent service and spares support (it's part of the convoy) makes it possible for all to make it. Riding skill levels vary as well. The ride is planned so that even relative novices can make it without too much effort. It's still a tough ride, though

2) Criteria?
Money, baby. If you have the dosh, you're posh. Basically. It is quite an inexpensive trip, though.

Girish said...

Ok, but how will i join this? Will they publish this on there site for registration or is tere any mailid where we have to forward the request? How you did last time.


rearset said...

Try emailing schavan@royalenfield.com. They usually post contact and sign up info on the website.

Girish said...

Hey rearset, sorry for asking too many questions but i want this info.
1) Nearly how much money we need to expect to expend?

2)And do RE people give their bike also for this trip. As i do not want to ship my bike from bangalore to Delhi. Or i think i can hire a BULL from delhi also. What do you say?

Girish Sharma

rearset said...

Dude, you're quite the curious one, aren't you?

1) The last trip cost Rs 15,000 including fuel, all stays, all dinners and most breakfasts. Spares, shopping, most lunches, on-highway chai/snacks etc. extra

2) No, RE does not give bikes. You get your own (most did), or you hire one (RE does not recommend it since hire bikes are rarely in tip top shape, which can be a liability on the road) Delhi does have afew rental places. A girl on our trip had a bike from Madan Motors. Lalli Singh is the most famous one, though thanks to glowing reviews at Lonely Planet. Contacts are all over the web... google it, please.

rearset said...

Had an idea, how about you put a link to my Odyssey page at your upcoming page on iThump, might help other curious types, no? No obligation, of course.

Girish said...

Well rearset, why not?... i will put that info. And thanks for all the replies.

Girish said...

Hey, are u too planning for this trip?? Man i just calculated. Its more than 20k for 14 days trip. Too expensive....Now some other plans coming to my mind...like going wit some close friends...

What say rearset? are u all set?

rearset said...

I'm always all set. But I think I might be joining the Odyssey after all. But you seriously think 20K for a more or less all-inclusive 14-day ride is expensive?

Second, I had a thought in the morning. I don't think you should hire a Bullet. You should take your own. It'll take your relationship with the bike another level. Yes, it might get damaged in transit, or ge scratches from falls, but later, on reflection, they become the milestones by which you can tell how far you've come in the relationship...

Girish said...

Hey i am planning to do LEH with my friends as RE ones seems to be too costly. I ahve RE 2005 350 Electra. Do you thing 2005 BULLs are strong enough for this kinda trip?? or i am planning to update the BORE with 500 cc. Please provide ur kind suggestions.

Girish Sharma
RE Electra 2005

Girish said...

Hey done registration for HO??

rearset said...

No, doesn't look like I'll be at HO this year. A close friend is going, a sort of stand in for me.