Apr 2, 2006

Meat of life

Have you heard of Brazilian Steak Houses? Or Churrascarrias? They're the place to go if you're into meat, in large quantities. I went to one, and it was like… this would be my vision of heaven, if they had a bunch of fast motorcycles outside and a racetrack.

Here's how it works. Most Churrascarrias have expansive salad bars. They are there for a purpose. The bar is usually free, and you are encouraged to have your fill, so you cannot consume too much meat. But what you do is pick and choose and only take a light portion on. Then, you pick a light drink. Beer, aerated stuff, Guinness, are all huge no nos.

Then the meat comes. Usually, the waiters come with skewers loaded with meat and simply lop pieces off on your plate. And you just nod and gorge. Simple. They will also serve delicious plantain, onion rings, batata fritas (French fries). Ignore them. Just concentrate on the meat. Normally, the 'Scarria will have a fixed payment for the meat and they just add the money for the dessert, alcohol and any extras (like water, for instance).

It is advisable for you to have transportation (preferably not self-driven) ready outside. If you've done a good job, you won't be able to drive home. Perfect.

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