Apr 4, 2006

Corporate Con: TVS Apache

I've not been lucky enough to see Indian motorcycle ads that look slicker than this. But then again, I haven't seen any ads that make me as sick either. I visited the TVS Apache website and these are the first few things my eyes centred on...

  • Flirt now. Before your hormones belong to your wife
  • Chase skirts now. Soon you'll be washing them
  • Show no mercy to bald guys, when you get there no one will show you any
  • Be the guy your parents warned you about, tomorrow you'll be a parent
  • Spend your money now. Soon you're wife will be doing it
  • Push your luck now, soon you'll be pushing a pram
These are supposed to be the kickers for a competition called Now or Never, which if you haven't guessed (what happened? work in advertising?) is a competition to win a TVS Apache. I won't even dignify this with a rant on just how bad in taste this is, or how crass it is. More to the point, TVS, a very dignified company okayed this? Shame.

And then you see the TVS Apache Ad. BTW, the image is from the tvsapache.com website. It used to appear as a small flash animation, and now I have the video file. Don't ask how I got it. It shows a chap on a Apache do some of the fairly normal motorcycle things - lean, corner and gnash his teeth. Then, he jinks left and right behind two cars, before taking the most dangerous line possible - between them - to overtake. Minor wheelie in the middle. Started well, ended really badly... less said the better.

Creativity rating: 0/10
Relevancy rating: 1/10
Danger to public rating: 10/10
Overall ad rating: 0/10


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Anonymous said...

then hou could we rate 4 fear the black pulsar 0/0 isn't