Jul 17, 2007

Bipasha Basu to endorse Kinetic scooters

Bipasha Basu from kineticOh nooo. rearset's plan to start selling a line of Indian-made scooters (actually copies of Chinese copies of European scooters) has come to nought even before it began. The hunt for an appropriate brand ambassador began, but it seems all the prospective act-stresses are already taken. Preity Zinta was gobbled up by TVS, Priyanka by Hero Honda, Trisha (who?) by TVS (also? Greedy!) and now Bengali sweetie Bipasha (or Bips as the Page 3 crowd insist on calling Ms Basu) has been snapped up by Kinetic (see the press release below). That leaves rearset's scooters with the princely and difficult choice betwen erm, Lara Dutta, Riya Sen, Celina Jaitley and Mallika Sherawat. Yippie-Ki-yay, almost. Ms Dutta, while Bengali like the Basu, is far too urbane, Sen, also Bengali like Basu and Dutta, is too short, Jaitley is too vacant and Sherawat as a brand ambassador will basically overpower my poor copies of Chinese copies of European scooters.... Enough. Here's the release:

Filmstar Bipasha Basu to endorse the upcoming Kinetic-SYM scooter

Mumbai, July 16, 2007: Popular Hindi cinema actor Bipasha Basu has been signed on by two wheeler manufacturer Kinetic Motor as brand ambassador. Though she can be the ambassador for all Kinetic brands, she would primarily be seen endorsing the upcoming Kinetic-SYM scooter, slated for launch next month.
The upcoming Kinetic-SYM scooter, from Kinetic's association with Taiwan's $1.1 billion automotive giant SYM, would be targeted at women riders. It would feature a 125cc engine and promises to offer best-in-class performance, technology and user friendly features. Bipasha Basu was identified as a great brand fit based on a comprehensive research among 1200 intending buyers of gearless scooters. The research also showed that college girls aspire to be confident and ambitious. Bipasha Basu is viewed as a woman who has made it on her own merit and signifies the independent modern woman. Especially her role in the movie Corporate was found to be the favourite portrayal of today's professional woman, and clinched her selection as the brand ambassador for the Kinetic-SYM scooter.

Bipasha will feature in the mainstream advertising campaign for the Kinetic-SYM scooter, including television, print and internet. An outdoor campaign of hoardings and contests is also part of the plan, and a special audio-visual that demonstrates the new scooter to be played in all Kinetic dealerships will also feature Bipasha – an innovative launch plan.
Ajinkya Firodia, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kinetic Motor Company, said, “Kinetic has been very selective about working with brand ambassadors and look for perfect synergy between product attributes and ambassador personality.

Our upcoming Kinetic-SYM scooter would appeal to women riders, and would be positioned accordingly. Our market research showed that Bipasha Basu, perceived as a modern and independent high-achiever, is the role model for many young girls who admire her style and success. In fact, the support for her was unanimous, with a 100% perfect brand fit! She was our first choice and I am glad that we were able to work out all details with her. With SYM's technology, Kinetic's brand presence and Bipasha Basu's dazzle, I am confident that the Kinetic-SYM scooter would be a winner!"

Kinetic has three decades of expertise in two wheelers, a nationwide distribution network and state of the art manufacturing plants. Currently, the company is preparing for the first and much anticipated launch from its association with Taiwanese two wheeler major SYM – a fast track Asian brand that is making rapid gains in Asian and European countries, riding on its R&D and quality strengths and aggressive global expansion strategy.

Images from Kinetic Motor
Bipasha Basu from kinetic


Anonymous said...

hmmm... bipasha, preity, priyanka, trisha... i think bipasha is the sexiest of the lot. IMHO neither the scooty pep or the pleasure are impressive; so it shouldnt be too hard for the kinetic-sym to be the hottest of the scoots too.

what say you?

Rahul said...

Kinetic B(l)ips the throttle this time rearset... And no matter what you say, this one aint a ding. Its a full up number..
And after Pantaloons and numerous other brands, its Kinetic.
I mean how does this brand ambassador bit still work, I wonder.
If I had a middle/ last/ first name called Firodia, I would put my money down on Govinda no hold on, Chunkey Pandey! Now crash the SYMbals please!!!!

GR said...

I feel rather misunderstood by the powers that be. A bit like the guy who was granted one boon, asked for the best woman in the world and got the saint who was once featured on a nunbun on the seat next to him.

I said better models....

well never mind


Revhard said...

Hmm considering that li'l scooters as these are targeted at college-going and young women , wouldn't it make sense to have say Fardeen Khan or Emraan Hashmi instead ....

But if I was a Firodia I'd get back to keeping the dying dealer network alive and sinking reputatation afloat ..but that's just me . Perhaps business sense dictates badly made if not designed products with good ads/PR campaign sell better than good products with less media hype , at least in the beginning ....

road-yo said...

I hope Kinetic doesn't mess up with this one. It appears to be a good scooter .... Bipasha or no Bipasha.

Anonymous said...

how about koena mitra...she's bong and hot as hell