Jul 17, 2007

Smelly Foods

This was sent in by an anonymous blog regular (photo credit: avravi[at]gmail[dot]com). In fact, I was deeply missing a camera today. For parked next to me was a dude on a powder blue Pulsar 150, who had a very special bike, indeed. The tank, under the Pulsar script, bore the legend, 'Limited Additional.' Oh and they just installed a new urinal at the office. It's branded too. Son 2000. Really


Rahul said...

Anjoy Pomfart Fry Sp.

Forgive the typo there rearset. His keyboard types 'a' everytime you puch 'e'! Hehehehe.

Gat tha point?


The BATFAN said...

Camera Mobiles are handy for your situations I suggest. Though the kind of action we see on Indian roads inspires me to get a full fledged video cam up on my bike.

There was this Uncle I saw yesterday futting along on one of the bygone 100s on the empty road. He must have been at 40-50 range cos my crossing him at 75 was a blur. But the seconds behind him were intolerable stomach paining laughter. It had rained heavy earlier and was dristling a bit now. The uncle had given up control of both the rear brake and the gearbox to have his legs dry resting on the top bar of the butterfly leg guard even though the road he was on was a complete well patched up highway and there were no puddles in sight. I just kept looking at the rear view till it went out of sight.

Anonymous said...

Had to go over the picture a couple of times, but good one.

More riding tips please, this is turning into a PR forum. :)

- Yugesh

Rahul said...

Whats a PR forum? Who are you PReying for rearset? Looks great to me!

Satyen Poojary said...

Man, I do have a taste for trying cuisines... but who they hell want to try something thats made of the pommies fart ;)