Jul 16, 2007

Three superb MotoGP related websites

I wasn't planning this post, but these three sites appeared on my radar one after the other, so I don't really have a choice about it. And hey, they're all very good.

MotoGPNews If you haven't already heard about this one, MGPN is run by a Brit with a fairly twisted, politically incorrect sense of humour. He writes news in a wicked, twisted sort of fashion, and it makes for absolutely hilarious reading. I'll quote one line:

Farmboy Hayden was 13th on the grid, but catching a good-looking cousin on the way into turn 1 made him forget to brake. Don’t worry. He’d fall off or finish 11th. He always does.
Kropotkin Thinks I discovered this blog through MBI. I haven't bothered (my bad) to read up on who writes this blog, but this is a detailed, analytical MotoGP news blog that closely follows the racing every MotoGP weekend. Lovely and incisive.

Motorsport Mag: Rossi's Rise Article This is not as much a link to the website, as it is to Ivan Alonso's stunningly detailed and insightful article on Rossi. The story begins with the Rossi's entry into MotoGP and follows the background stories that finally ended with Rossi moving to Yamaha en famille. It also follows the first Yamaha season and analyses why the M1 suddenly turned into a winner. Superb.


Madhukar said...

Thanks Rearset, i was in desperate need of MotoGP related sites. MotoGp.com suck you know.


Stuey said...

Cheers Rearset for bigging up m'site! Glad you like it - far too much PC these days...and sadly not nearly enough monkey knife fights.