Jul 14, 2007

Blog advertising service: Smorty

I just signed up with Smorty, my second attempt to get paid for blogging. The format is simple. Smorty sends out campaign notices, I pick stuff that I'd like to write about. And when I do, someone from Smorty checks out the post and either approves or rejects it. If it gets approved, they send me money for the post. Simple. So far, I've not seen any suggestions that the posts themselves have to be anything but my opinion on the subject. It is a form of blog advertising, certainly, but hey, I love blogging, and a blog for money's even better, eh?

I blog pretty often, right? I mean I have regular three to four post days now. So I was wondering about how I could make blogging a little more worth my while. Then I heard about an opportunity to blog for money. What an awesome idea. I am told the Internet's leading exponent of the art is Smorty. I wasn't confident of this whole thing until I read the rules and process of doing this. They seemed simple enough, so here goes. Smorty, it turns out, is a service that allows advertisers to post up notices. As a blogger, I can zero in on campaigns that I like/are relevant and post up a simple write up on that product or service. Unlike another service I tried, the post is usually an opinion piece, rather than a 'try this.' If the advertiser likes what you wrote, you get paid. Simple. Smorty requires that your blog be three months or older, indexed with Yahoo and Google and that you post at least two times per week. As in normal with these kind of services, they pay into your paypal account.

Do you have a blog? Why not try Smorty?