Jul 21, 2007

Mailbag #10: Tyre and Wheels for CBZ

Caughtilya-Rearset Stamp 1Hi, please answer my queries;
Bike : Hero Honda CBZ | Age : 5-6 years

  1. Wanted to change my tyres...My old ones(Original fitting) are the Dunlop ones with specifications: Front- 2.75 , Back- 100 90. Now have almost finalised on the MRF Zapper FS (Front) and the Zapper Q (Back) Also considering the 120 for back (aesthetic purpose) Please enlighten me on benefits and drawbacks and any other option possible.

  2. Was interested in Mag wheels(only for aesthetic purpose).I got a deal of 3700 Rs. for Aluminium ones and 4700 for Casting ones. Firstly, what are the benefits and drawbacks of Mag wheels Secondly,which of them should i go for, budget also being important, but not the deciding factor

  3. Seems like my shock absorbers(back) are not good anymore,.... Firstly, how do i actually know if i need to change the shock absorbers Secondly,How is a substitute like a 'Gabriel' brand (6 month warranty)- (for the purpose of less expenditure)

Hero Honda CBZ X-TremeThe tyre brands choice is fine, but the 120 will slow the bike down when you try to turn into the corners. It will make the CBZ, which already feels like a bike with a fast front and a slow rear when you pushing along around corners, seem even more reluctant to turn in. As far as the mag alloy wheels go, sounds dicey. The only alloys I trust are the Enkeis that come OEM on the various bike today. While these are expensive, they last. The chinese ones just break. So I don't know... Also, the mags are heavier than the spoked rims, so that too will make the bike feel more lead-footed. If your shocks are not doing their job (and five-six years on, they probably aren't) then its time to bin them. Dont get them reconditioned, it isn't worth the money saved. Replacing them if non-OEM shocks (from the HH spares counter) again is dicey. If Gabriel replicates the CBZ OEM shock in terms of spring and damping rates, it should be fine. But if the rates don't match, your CBZ could end up feeling worse...

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