Jul 14, 2007

Ceat Vertigo: Upsize tyres now available

Ceat Rage tyreCeat has launched a new series of tyres called Vertigo. The tyres are supposed to be higher performance replacements for your stock tyres with wider tread areas (wider sections) and lower profiles (slimmer sidewalls). Available in 17- and 18-inch diameters, Ceat says they will improve traction, stability, offer better grip through a bigger contact patch. The latter will also offer more cornering and braking grip. Ceat also claim better aesthetics and steering response.

They also say that the Vertigo's drawbacks are that the tyres are expensive (though no price is specified), wider sizes may not directly fit all mobikes and require modification and there will be a corresponding drop in the fuel economy. Ceat also says the prospective buyers should ensure that the upsize tyres fit the rim they have, or upgrade to the correct rim spec, that the tyre clears the vehicle body. There could also be calibration issues with the odometer, speedo and yes, even the gearbox.

Ceat Sport TyreInflation is to remain the same as stock. Ceat says the tyres will come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (tyres will be replaced if found to have defects, 'after adjusting for consumer's tyre usage).


santoosh venkatram said...

rearset hv u seen the tyre , what sizes avbl n hows it..
m going 2 the shops 2 find it out anyways ,
thought id hear it frm u


rearset said...

No I have not. I may get a pair to try out at some point, but as of now, I only know that these are available. If they are anything like the latest Secura Zooms they should be good, tho

santoosh venkatram said...

bot the tyre , 120 80 18.
going 4 a ride this weekend in the rain 2 bandipur. lets c if its impressive.


Anant said...

Where can I find this in delhi ?

CEAT Tyres said...

CEAT has changed it's website address. It's new domain is http://www.ceattyres.in/. Kindly, modify the URL of the website in your post.