Jul 16, 2007

Mailbag #9: Unicorn or CBZ X-Treme?

Caughtilya-Rearset Stamp 1I know you have answered such questions before, but please advise. I am planning to buy a 150 and I have zeroed in on the Honda Unicorn and the Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme. I have ridden both, but I cannot decide which to buy. I think you can help me decide.

  1. Everyone seems to saying that the X-Treme engine is rough above 60-70 kph and that vibration is passed on to the rider. Is this true? How bad is it?
  2. The suspension seems to be hard according to some reports, is that true?
  3. The most important thing is: How is the pillion comfort? Especially for the ladies? (I know this is a wrong question to ask about a hooligan bike like the CBZX... but we can only own one bike at a time and use it for the most purposes, right?)
I am waiting for your reply before I decide what to buy?

-Name Withheld

Hero Honda CBZ X-TremeIf you are going to carry a pillion often, you should definitely buy the Unicorn. The CBZX vibrations are not that bad at all. Have ridden it hard over fair distances without any discomfort. I have no problem with the suspension either, but adding preload helps when you are riding with a pillion on the CBZX. The Unicorn betters the CBZX in pillion comfort terms, but never feels as fast as the CBZX... Also see Unicorn vs CBZ X-Treme: Sibling rivalry


Anonymous said...

what about the pathetic build quality of X??

rearset said...

You are right about that. The quality difference between the Unicorn and the X-Treme is pronounced. But it is a problem that has no real fix from the user's point of view. Also, from what I've seen, it comes badly built, but it doesn't really worsen...

The BATFAN said...

I thought you were going to suggest the RTR to him :) especially knowing that the price difference is not pronounced.

Anonymous said...

rearset said...
You are right about that. The quality difference between the Unicorn and the X-Treme....

pronounced is an understatment...the whole tail assembly is doing the samba even on a slightly bad road...just the other day the pillon footrest took a dive from under the foot of the pillon...the exhaust mount keeps working itself loose.....whew!!...the thirteen year old rx on the other hand only has a little rust on the mudguard....and the X has not even spent that many months on the road.

Anonymous said...

Xtreme is good bike, HMSI has very bad after-sales. HMSI closes it's service center on Sundays. Whereas Hero Honda puts xtra people on Sundays to service bikes (In Bangalore)

Prince said...

Hi, please answer my queries;

Bike : Hero Honda CBZ
Age : 5-6 years

1 >
Wanted to change my tyres...My old ones(Original fitting) are the Dunlop ones with specifications:
Front- 2.75 , Back- 100 90
Now have almost finalised on the MRF Zapper FS (Front) and the Zapper Q (Back)
Also considering the 120 for back (aesthetic purpose)
Please enlighten me on benefits and drawbacks and any other option possible.

Was interested in Mag wheels(only for aesthetic purpose).I got a deal of 3700 Rs. for Aluminium ones and 4700 for Casting ones.
Firstly, what are the benefits and drawbacks of Mag wheels
Secondly,which of them should i go for, budget also being important, but not the deciding factor

Seems like my shock absorbers(back) are not good anymore,....
Firstly, how do i actually know if i need to change the shock absorbers
Secondly,How is a substitute like a 'Gabriel' brand (6 month warranty)- (for the purpose of less expenditure)

Thanks and Regards;