Jul 14, 2007

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frame from digitalframez.comRecently, a colleague returned from Germany bearing a large white box. Being a total technophobe, he handed the box to me and said, 'Make it work.' I was holding my first digital picture frame in my hands. It looks only a bit thicker than a regular frame, but once we hooked it up and loaded stuff into it, the results were startlingly good. All we had to do was drag and drop the images (and this colleagues baby vids) onto the frame via USB.

Pics looks bright and fresh and it even plays videos. But my favourite part is the fact that the pics cycle around on their own. Really. You see, I am a bit lazy. I cannot be bothered to change the photos in the regular frames. Besides, sometimes the photos stick to the glass and become sort of permanent... you know what I mean? On this frame, I loved the idea of having a colourful looking slideshow that runs on its own. Such a simple idea! Since then, I've been wondering where I could get one. Well, digitalframez.com sells digital picture frames, ranging from $99 to $199. You can choose between 7- through 10-inch photo frames and I think at the moment, the site offers a free 256 Mb SD card.