Oct 20, 2007


You know, when I think about it, I'd rather ride an R1 slowly through
a pothole than not ride one at all...


first_synn said...


A friend of mine commutes to his office and back on an R1. Almost everyday. He loves it so much that his CR-V is gathering dust as we speak.

And, he's a middle aged entrepreneur based in Hyderabad.

Case closed? I think so.

Revhard said...

In case you decide otherwise after acquiring the aformentioned R1, feel free to hand the R1 over for caretaking to yours truly ;)

theslayer said...

Haha! Shortest post ever on rearset's blog? Or have i missed any?

If I had a R1, yes, I wouldn't mind the commute to college/work, BUT, parking would be still an issue. I ride a 220 now, and parking it ANYWHERE is a big big paranoid issue for me! Wonder where I'd park an SBK.

For that reason alone, I'd rather ride an Enfield to work, less plastic, less susceptible to irrepairable damage.

rocket_boy said...

Commute on an R1 on our roads, with our traffic? That would mean replacing clutch plates, fork seals, rear shock absorbers and wheels once every 3 months. I'd rather take the car to work, save the superbike for weekends.

--xh-- said...

If i get my hands on a SBK, i would rathr will take the pains and ride her eery day, than keeping her in my garage.