Oct 13, 2007

The Hunk?: What is Hero Honda launching?

Monsoon_Sunset_3Hero Honda Hunk? The buzz says Hero Honda launches its next product on October 17. The buzz says its big. But Buzz always says that. It's almost like he's a stuck record.

But wait there's more. Call it tangential, but visit the Roadies 5.0 site. You will notice that while the site clearly shows that Hero Honda is the lead sponsor, there's not a hint of Karizma anywhere. What gives? From whatever I can remember, and I could be mistaken, the Karizma was a in-the-forefront thing with the show, right? Does that mean Hero Honda has a (serious) Karizma upgrade, or blow me down, something bigger in the wings?

One reliable-ish source said that his reading was, 'a bike that could change the face of Indian motorcycling. Or something like that. A twin, maybe?'

Now that I have built up my hopes to a towering house of cards, I just hope Hero Honda's bike proves to be the super-glue to hold up the damn thing, rather than a puff of weak wind that blows the house down


The BATFAN said...

If this is the company that brought out the CBZ they may be capable f something but I never quite liked the CBZ ... Duh ... I know you you hate me. It may be the first, but then there have been others worth the wait.

Sankoobaba said...

I doubt HH can do something too much avantgarde, its not something that runs in their blood(oil!) :)..if they do it would be refreshing...and eventually good for prospective buyers!!!!

first_synn said...

Rumors abound about stuff like CBR 150 look alike headlamps, half fairing, rear discs, a nuclear reactor... You name it, people say it's in there.

I don't buy most of it.

If it's a P200 fighter, then it's gonna be nothing special. Coz from the way our motorcycle companies work, they NEVER out-spec the lower CC bike over the higher CC one (sic).

If it's a Kari replacement, well and good. But almost none of the rumors talk about a 200 CC plus capacity. So unless they are goin' for "new" technology like 4 valves/ liquid cooling etc. on a sub 200 CC block and spec it at a higher power output than the Kari, 'd say we are in for a classic case of flattering to deceive.

Kokan said...

hey i checked out the roadies website and there is bit abt the show....it says "all the way to hell and back on your blazing karizmas".
could that mean that the present kari is goin aboard or its a new kari???don't think its the latter!!

Hrishi said...

Bherry bherry interesting. But i have got my heart broken too many times to get worked up on this...

Psst...can u get any news before 17th?? :D

Hrishi said...


Hero Honda JUNK.
Why dont they name it Hritik while they are at it.

Extremely CROSS.

adi said...

its a 150cc bike. supposed to b a copy of one of the existing Honda models abroad (du-hh)

Anonymous said...

Remember the 11 "new" bikes launched by HH some time back? Now who all can name all of those 11? :-)

Hunk = new 150-156ccbike http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Hero_Honda_Motors_is_all_set_to_la
To me it looks like another tweaked unicorn engine with lots of "features" like glossy paint scheme, all new stickers, full black theme, digital bits, musical flasher, melodious horn, under body leds etc to woo the masses.

Moto_blogger said...

The engine is of same capacity as the one in CBZ Xtreme. Styling would be the differentiating element which will set Hunk apart from CBZ Xtreme. Media report suggests styling based on Honda CBR 150 which is a very popular model abroad and has clinched rave reviews in the worldwide media. However, the reports suggests analogue gauges..which looks a li'l dated in today's world of Pulsars & Apaches..but other features like split seats/ twin discs.. Hopefully Indian bike lovers must be keeping their fingers crossed for the 17th oct launch..

Anonymous said...

forget everything...what would be price for providing all those gizmos....remember the out-dated royalty they charge on their products...

i think it would be expensive than p200

Mushfiqur said...

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