Oct 22, 2007

Parallel-ytic attack

Try this. Take a friend along for a walk. Instruct him/her to walk exactly parallel to you, so that you are exactly two abreast. Now, as you walk, without turning your head, try to see what s/he is doing as they walk. You will find it nearly impossible.

Now, find a broken, gravelly patch and do the same thing. This time, allow yourself to turn the head. You will find that the going gets slower because every time you turn your head to gaze upon your friend, you lose the forward sight that is so crucial in the loose surface.

Can you already see the point? Never, ever, ride parallel to other people in traffic. You are only making yourself invisible. Which is why you will end up getting cut-off or sideswiped. Even in heavy traffic, it is possible to position and re-position yourself so that you are never running parallel to someone at the same speed.


Anonymous said...

The Blind spot you mean! In other countries, lane changes are to be done only after doing a quick blind spot check(while not slowing down at same time). Try getting a license without that. wish they would have same stds in India!

vagabond dreamer said...

Interesting tip most of us know that but we never really pay attention to such facts, thanx and i agree with the previous comment i wisih we ahd stricter tests before granting people licenses, id even suggest there be a minimum IQ requirements and Maximum age requirements. for the well fare of every one on the road