Oct 12, 2007

Haywards Black: I like it

Haywards Black PintsWikipedia says stouts and porters are dark beers, made with roasted malts or barleys. As would be the case with anything that's so old (1677!), it now has varieties and flavours.

SAB Miller, the chaps who brew Haywards 5K & 2K, Royal Challenge, Knock Out and Castle Lager (international brands include Miller, Peroni Nastro Azzure (Rossi's ex-sponsor) and Pilsner Urquell (quite nice, The Wife purchased some for me from Prague, not so long ago) recently launched Haywards Black, which is India's first stout beer.

The taste is a bit strange to start out with. Especially if you're beer-lover and beer-novice rolled into one. So unlike my friend Kautilya, I haven't been intimate with old Guinness so far. Please, please hold those collective groans, I'm working on that. Anyway, there's a strange taste I found hard to identify, but after reading through SABMiller's site, I think yes, it is that hint of caramel. The beer is just a tiny bit more viscous than normal beer and hence, tends to sit a bit heavy. It's no Guinness class meal yet, but you will notice the extra weight at the end of the pint. There is some extra alcohol, but again, it's not like the extra pint is going to knock the steadiness out of your legs or anything. On the whole, I like the beer a lot. That's why my fridge is now equally divided between HBs and Buds (Yes, I like the Indian Bud a lot too.)

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Glifford said...

Tried it a couple of weeks ago.

Was lovely, really nice!

Gonna get some of the bigger bottles the next time around and introduce it to some of our friends!

adi said...

is this the motorcycle blog or "mera favourite beer"?

rearset said...

As I've said before, this is neither a motorcycle blog, not a 'mera fave beer' blog. It simply is my blog, and it carries anything I choose to write about. Most of the time, it is about motorcycles, but there are times when I'm thinking about other stuff, like food, books, photography, and so forth. Those who would like simple to read about motorcycles and motorcycles only, please bookmark the category links on the right sidebar, Motorcycles and Riding Skills should do it