Oct 13, 2007

Forewarning: complicated posts in the offing


Over the next few days (or months, or years...) you will see a series of extremely technical (but hopefully easy to understand) posts on detailed aspects of motorcycles. Stuff that goes on inside the engines, inside the telescopic shocks and so forth. I will create a new category for these posts, called MC Technical or some such. I'm reading an extremely well-written, fundamentally clear book on the subject, but having a little trouble evaluating whether I comprehend fully what the author is saying – aspersions, here, are being cast on my ability to understand the material, rather than this highly respected (and deservedly so) author. Writing things down, I find, helps me grasp complicated material better and more firmly, and I've simply chosen not to drag out that pile of old one-side used papers, this time, and type into Blogger, instead. Some of you will find this material disturbingly detailed and involved. Apologies in advance.


The BATFAN said...

I say, Yeah, Bring it on.

The real stuff. We want more :)

Anonymous said...

awesome. I'm looking forward to it.
will there be accompanying pictures?

Slide N Ride said...

Highly respected author???..Tony Foale?

Trini said...

Yup... bring it on.. and never mind the apologies.. pls feed our minds!!!!

--xh-- said...

waiting for teh treat :-)