Oct 15, 2007

King's beer: I'm lovin' it

Kings Beer 3A very dear person just returned from Goa, bearing the sweetest of all gifts from that lush land... King's Beer. As I noted in this post, King's is one of the nicest beers I've ever tasted. Kautilya and I, were in Goa on a college trip, sometime in 1995 or so. We left our classmates to go have a gander at this island thing. As luck would have it, he and I arrived at the ferry literally minutes after the one we wanted to catch had pushed off, headed for its umpteenth trip across the lazy Mandovi. With not much to do, we found a run-down shack near the jetty and ordered a beer. He only had local brew – Kings. I am happy to state the forty minutes (or was it an hour) were spent in a happy state, tasting a really, really good beer, enjoying very good company and great scenery in lazy, lovely old Goa.

Kings Beer 1Of late, though, King's has become really hard to find. This person, evidently, spent a fair while searching for my five bottles worth (heck, I even love the shape of it, now echoed by the almost equally elusive Kingfisher Stubby).

Well, I'd like to thank her for taking the time to look for it. Oh, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going home to five super-chilled bottles of the stuff. Yippee!


Glifford said...

Would like to see the entire bottle instead of just the label :)

My dad used to talk of some Pink Pelican he used to get in northern parts of the country some 3-4 decades ago!

Gopalakrishnan said...

rosy pelican

remember quite clearly from one of those standing in the front of the scooter rides to Surajkund :)

I think it was a Haryana thing ...


first_synn said...

Rosy pelican was sold in Kerala too.. It was one of my favs until The Beer parlor decided to replace it with crappy Sand Piper.. :(

Anonymous said...

Hey how much does a Kings beer cost now in Goa?