Oct 11, 2007

Bajaj Avenger 200: Launched!

Here's the release. Personally, I quite like the loping along sort of feel of the 200 engine, so it should fit right into the Avenger format.

Bajaj Auto launches the new 200 cc Avenger DTS-i

Mumbai 11th October 2007: Bajaj Auto Ltd., India's premier two-wheeler automobile company has introduced the new 200cc Avenger DTS-i with the bike now available in Pro-broking showrooms across the country.

The Bajaj Auto R&D team has yet again delivered a bike with the ultimate riding experience. The new Avenger now comes with a powerful 200 cc oil cooled engine capable of generating a top-speed of 115 km/h. This engine delivers 17.5 ps at 8000 rpm with outstanding torque of 16.78 Nm at 6000 rpm. The Oil cooler helps this hi-performance engine to maintain the engine Oil Temperature even at high rpms, which in turn maintains the Engine oil viscosity. Thus, at high speed, the engine oil maintains its lubrication quality even at high speeds.

The tank-set neatly houses the all-new sleek tank mounted fuel gauge along with the other indicators. The bike also comes with the international standards windshield option. The windshield adds to the aesthetic value of the new Avenger.

A new low maintenance battery is incorporated to provide a hassle free ownership of the bike. It has unique vent mechanism that allows gas / vapors etc. to escape, but at the same time does not allow loss of electrolyte. Electrolyte spillage / evaporation are drastically reduced as there is no drainpipe. Electrolyte level check once a year is enough to ensure that the cells are always immersed in electrolyte.

Says Mr. S. Sridhar, CEO(2WH), "The new 200cc Avenger DTS-i surpasses by far the performance of the of the 180 cc original. A typically low-slung cruiser, the Avenger 200 DTS-i compares to the finest in the world."

Added Mr. Amit Nandi, General Manager (Marketing), "We expect that this initiative will further enhance the pleasure of riding on Indian roads. We have also been able to offer it at an attractive price of 64830/- ex-showroom New Delhi. This upgrade will further strengthen Bajaj Auto's position in the Premium segment.."

More about New Avenger 200 DTSi

List of features
Engine displacement : 198.8 cc
Maximum Net Power : 17.51 PS(12.88 Kw)at 8000 rpm
Maximum Net Torque : 16.78 Nm at 6000rpm
Length : 2195 mm
Width : 750 mm
Height : 1070 mm/1300 mm (with windshield)
Wheel base : 1475 mm
Front : Telescopic (140mm travel)
Rear : Swing arm with 5-step adjustable Shock absorbers with triple rated Spring (90mm travel)
Front : 90/90 – 17 49 P
Rear : 130/90 – 15 M/C 66P
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Anonymous said...

whatever... i dont think theres much hope for this one. this brand has just been around for too long without much actual presence.

Glifford said...

@ anonymous

Really? Seen far too many Avengers lately myself!

Saager Mhatre said...

Well, I finally managed to try out the Avenger 200 at the Bajaj Probiking showroom in Pune. So, in keeping with my last comment posted there, here's my two bits.

The windshield, probably the biggest visual differentiator on the 200, is not really very impressive. Starting at the headlight, it's a slim strip curving back to just about eye-level. You practically look at the road over it. Also, we won't know till she actually hits the road but, I suspect it might just suck stuff into your face at high speeds. There's also the additional weight of the glass to consider. it didn't look very 'crash-worthy' either, so, while the service center is willing to refit my 180 with one, I'll pass.

Then next external modification is the console. Barring the addition of the fuel guage, the new console was a bit of a turn off for me. Although more comprehensive, it felt more business-like than the one on the 180. It kinda' takes away from the retro feel that you get from those three little bulbs.

Coming to the heart of the matter (quite literally), the engine is definitely an object of desire. As @rearset said, the deep, responsible firing just got deeper... and smoother. Apparently, the additional 20cc added just enough bore. Now, you don't really get much of a feel for the bike on those mounts that they set up in Probiking showrooms, but 3rd and 4th gear didn't really seem very different; however, 5th gear was something else! I remember watching the needle skip a beat as I shot right past 75 and over to 90. That was a rush! Unfortunately (and obviously!) that's the only modification I can't retrofit! If only Bajaj and Shirode Auto had let me know 4 months ago... but, you know what... I forgive them all.

As for the anonymous comment above, well, some things are better left anonymous.

sac said...

'pro-broking'!!! :) they break down? they break the law? they leave you broke? they have good disc 'breaks'? :)

adi said...

"I forgive them all."

good one, sagar.. heh heh

ahh shucks to all avenger baiters, who are mostly HH fans who r really frustrated at their pyaara brand HH for not getting some good n "different" bikes out there. HH cruiser?!! heh heh.. yeah right..!! LOL

i stil wish the avenger was 350.. at least. its looks deserve it yaaar. she deserves it.

Anonymous said...

I bougght an Avenger 200 6 months back,I agree that its a good Bike,Its good looking but i have to bring One thing out the Showroom Guys and the Servicing guys of Hyderabad (I am From Hyderabad)they are tooooooo good,i bet you if,If you go once to the Service station after buying the bike next time you will think twice before going their.Unfortunately for me no other place is dre where i can get my bike serviced they know that and they behave like "BOSS IF YOU WANT,YOU STAY HERE AND GET YOU JOB DONE AND WE WILL DO IT IN OUR TERMS OR ELSE F--K OFF"
I think Bajaj has done a cruel thing to the customers by giving Servicing station in Srivinayaka Motors in Hyderabad.

Capt Suresh Sharma said...

I just got an Avenger from a friend, this bike has done only 2330 kms so far. I have been given to use it for two years, as he has gone out on a long posting for two years. I like the bike. The windshield is expensive, but seems to be good, though I have not bought it yet, looks like it will be prone to scratches. I like this bike a lot. I am not sure about the quality of the parts and the bike itself, too early for me to comment. But certainly, can not ask Harley like comforts at this price. I think, it will get improved in future. Where can one get the side bags, hard bags or box like things to carry some stuff in it?

Getting familiar with the bike, I have done only 305 kms so far. Any suggestions?

I am not a hardcore biker, but love it now.