Nov 24, 2007

Motorcycle Helmets: I understand and I still don't want to wear one..

That's up to you.

What is needed is an informed decision, rather than agreement with me and my standpoint. You should know that in every single study ever done, people wearing lids always came off better than those riding without one. That in bad weather, dust and various other natural conditions, a helmeted head is usually far more comfortable, far more perceptive and less likely to make an error of judgment brought on by the impairment of vision or other sensory organ.

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MBBS that fights the power of evil said...

Every research say different things, considering helmets cause dehydration and sun stroke. I rather have free riding than good chance for accident.

sameer said...

Totally awesome info, RS.
I really hope ppl start using helmets with no need for enforcement.

rearset said...

I'm unable to locate a single study that correlates helmets to dehydration and sunstroke. I'm only able to come up with cycling safety links, where one section advocates helmets and others talk about the importance of drinking and still later, about sunstroke symptoms and prevention/cure. I would be glad if you could point me in the right direction.

I assure you that I do not jest. I promise a proper, serious post if you can find me the url where I can see these studies.

MBBS power of god said...

I dont URL, but helmets are known to get hot under cover. The amount of heat accumilated can cause driver or riders to have suffer from heat exhustion and suffer from dehydration.