Nov 24, 2007

Motorcycle Helmets: What does the inner shell do?

Again, if read the above, you already know. The inner shell is soft and it has one sole, life-saving function. It absorbs the forces of the impact by self-destructing using these very forces. The inner shell, also allows helmet makers to 'tunnel' in and make pathways for air to enter and exit helmets and promote ventilation. Lately, the inner shell also has the task of hosting various certification and manufacturing labels.

Taking care of the inner shell is very simple and absolutely crucial. Keep the helmet away from small knocks, don't drop it and don't be careless with it. Do not use/store sharp objects inside the lid. Do not place the helmet on your rear view mirror like you usually do. Do not use any chemicals/sprays inside the lid. Do you use deo to 'sanitise' the comfort lining? Well, don't do it. Finally, be mentally prepared to replace the helmet every three to five years. They are consumables (that's EPS lining, again) and like a perfectly good seeming oil filter, there comes a time when you need a new one no matter what the old one looks like.

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