Nov 28, 2007

Save Buckets: Living up to the name

I am, I think, a careful shopper. I like to take my time over shopping. And this is long before I actually enter a store. My time is spent figuring out what to buy, where to buy it, where are the best prices, who will deliver and so forth. Save Buckets is a site that was made for people like me. For instance, I'm looking for a digital camera right and just take a look at the selection at the website. Not only does it cover the entire price range and brand range, it allows me to browse the options, compare them, and it has good prices too. And here's the best bit, these prices are not from this one website, there are prices from various merchants so you are already a step closer to finding that sweet deal. That's probably where they got the name for the website, no? Ready to purchase your next new desirable? I suggest you take a look at this website, it is easy to navigate, has all the information you need, and crucially, the price you've been dreaming about.