Nov 17, 2007

OSO Good!

What a totally enjoyable film! Okay, serious cinema types, those seeking social or moral messages etc can exit stage left now. Om Shanti Om is not for you.

Those who have seen Main Hoon Na, understood Farah Khan's rather jovial and irreverent approach to cinema and all of her subtle and not-so-subtle digs at various celluloid figures, will absolutely love it. SRK, Deepika et al are in super form and the film is funny almost throughout. The pace is quite fast up to the intermission, after which it slows down a little bit. But still, I did not check my watch until after the credits, so it isn't boring. You already know the story and other reviews so I won't go into that.

Special mention to Abhishek Bachhan and huge shout for Akshaye Kumar, both have stellar cameos and Big B, once more, has overacted in his three second cameo (sigh!).

Finally, Deepika Padukone could not have gotten a better debut, even if she had paid for it! She looks abso gorgeous, sort of like Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na, but without the flowing saree pallus and soft focus, slow-mo shots. The young model is extremely good-looking, acts decently enough to be future star material and most importantly, looks great in practically every single shot. Truth be told, I did not notice SRK in the first dream sequence song when DP was on the screen. I recovered soon after, it goes without saying.

Which brings me to the lovely, cheery credits sequence, another Farah Khan speciality. Great work, keep it up! Would have loved to see some out-takes, for the entire cast seemed to have a superb time during the shoot. Hopefully, they will be on the DVD which I will be buying (including the Main Hoon Na, one to complete my Farah Khan anthology... my that sounds odd).

Pics from: OSO official site


akshayefan said...

Are you sure there was Akshaye Khanna in OSO?

rearset said...

My mistake. I meant Akshay Kumar.

RearSeat said...

Ending was a little disappointing, it felt kinda predictable and rushed near the end. The cameo were the best. All we need now is Return of Khiladi to beat this movie.