Nov 15, 2007

Track Day coming up!

Anand's Track DayThis is for all serious motorcyclists out there. A friend who organises track days has just informed me that he is organising his next track day at the Kari Motor Speedway on December 8 and 9, 2007. The track day is solely for bikes. This chap has a reputation for setting up great, organised and safe riding days and I emphatically recommend spending the Rs 1750 (that's all) you need to book a place.

Also note that final discretion on whether your participation is accepted or not rests with the organiser. The price includes medical facilities at the track, lunch on both days and track time. Transport to and from the track, petrol and any maintenance and/or parts are not included. These pics are from a previous track day (see a track day report here).

Anand's Track DayTrack days are the safest way to learn to ride better, smoother and faster. Anand is an ex-club racer from the USA and will be more than happy to help you improve. Full kit is highly recommended.

Ideally, go with a plan. Tell Anand when you get there that you intend to improve which one or two aspects of your riding. Be clear on this. Work on something specific, like say, braking, or body position or whatever. Having a plan will help you gain more from your time there.

Anand's Track DayPlease contact Anand Dharmaraj at dharma400[at]gmail[dot]com or call him at +91-98800-18662 (Bangalore number).

Here are two useful track day tips pages: Motorcycle Race Track Tips | Motorcycle Track Days


Hrishi said...

Wish I could :-(

Why doesen't someone construct a circuit near BBY X-|

--xh-- said...

would love to be there, but unfortunelty, some inevitable personal commitemnts falls fo that day. Hope I can make good use of it next time.

Anonymous said...

Didnt realize you knew Anand, good to know :-) we're all good friends.

Anyways so far 35 riders are in, anyone interested can either contact Anand as rearset says or myself at