Nov 26, 2007

Suzuki Access: Riding Impression

So what is the Suzuki Access like, then?
It isn't much to look at, really. But, when you look close, the Access is a well-built, quality product... that's the inescapable conclusion.

Fit/finish-Build quality
Like the Zeus or the Heat, the one unquestionable quantity in the Access equation is the quality. It resembles the Activa in some ways, and the fit-finish, build quality are very much in that space. I can look at the Access and more or less assume that in three years time, with a little care and maintenance, not much will change. No rattles, no shakes and no worries.

To be honest, the Access feels quicker than the Flyte or the Activa (which is now the slowest of the three). But not by as much as the 25 per cent extra displacement margin would suggest. The difference is, really, marginal. The Activa still 'feels' stronger off the bottom, but the Access will easily kill it. Again, it isn't a scooter I'd drag to a drag race. Refinenment is at or just above par and I wouldn't knock the powertrain... it feels fine. Not exceptional, but nothing you could shake a stick at either.

Ride quality/Handling
The handling is very much like the Activa. It favours stability over agility and it feels confident, but not exciting. It doesn't look exciting, it looks safe. And that, more or less, describes it's handling as well. It scooters had ages in human years, I'd say the Access was about 37-38, the Activa pushing 40 and the Kinetic Flyte would be about 24. Ride quality is pretty good, though and once again, the telescopic shocks make a massive difference to how hard you can brake when you need do.

What I don't like
I'm just wondering if Suzuki needed the Access to be so safe, so meek and so, um, un-stirring. What would have been the difference in sales in a year's time, if the Access had looked great? Or had more power?

Sum of all the words
Would I buy one? I'd have to say no. I might recommend it to an uncle in the building who was in the market for a new scooter to ride to the grocery store (or wherever else he liked). But if I were personally in the market for a scooter, I don't think I'm the right age yet.


Alpha said...

Anybody have any idea about the magical mileage figures .

Anonymous said...

I need a powerful scooter to carry my weight and do large distances, but comfortable enough not to displace my backbone. And as alpha said, mileage is the key. I would think, any other scooter would give more mileage and comfort than the Activa.