Jan 14, 2008

Auto Expo 2008: Hero Honda

For the second Auto Expo in a row, Hero Honda had nothing to show at the show itself. All of the usual range products were there, no chrome Karizma, though. An African Twin was hung from the central display with another old dirtbike keeping it company. Upshot? Hero Honda expects to launch 12 models this year. And... thats it.

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Shreenand said...

oh I know... it's The Super Splendor Deluxe ++, The CD100 Plus, the Karizma XYZ... now with full fairing. The ExtraPleasure... because now guys too want to have fun, the Pure Passion... because style does come at 105kpl, the Gilmor Glamor for the bling at 105 kpl, the CBZ Babe..., and the CBZ Power... because thinking about names is such a waste of time

Revhard said...

Paraphrasing the Riddler :

Sticker me this, sticker me that,
who's afraid of all that ?

ankit said...

nice creativity by Shreenand..

pleased to see how he visualized the future range or HH.
fun to read after lots of boring stuff..