Jan 14, 2008

Auto Expo 2008: Sparx, KBC Helmets

The other news of interest of us, bikers is that helmet maker KBC in here. They're going to have two ranges of helmets. The lower one is called Sparx. Excellent finish, great designs and neat looking visors make up the entry-level range. Vega is set to be the Indian Sparx distributor, so expect the helmets to go on sale very shortly. Blog reader Shadab says he's already spotted the helmet on sale. The company is still looking for a distributor who can handle the KBC line of premium, expensive helmets.

Price ranges are as follows:
Sparx full face and motocross helmets should range from Rs 4400-5500
KBC full face helmets should be Rs 3800-12000
KBC motocross helmets should be Rs 5500-7000
KBC half-face helmets should be Rs 1800-4500

All KBC helmets meet ECE22.05 and US DOT standards, and most full face helmets meet Snell standards as well.

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Arpan said...

Affordable pricing,easy availability..best practical news from auto expo !!

Goofy said...


I am Vamsi, who works for KBC Helmets in India. Thanks for posting the information about KBC Helmets. However I would like to clarify that KBC range would also be distributed by Vega Helmets. We have collaborated with them for all our range and only positioning of dealers in cities would be different.


Anonymous said...

Are these available in Bangalore ?
ANy specific address ?


Sachin said...

where are these available in delhi

Lohit said...

Are these helmets available in Hyderabad. Have been to an exclusive Vega store. They dont even have a clue about KBC and Sparx.

Anonymous said...

check out performanceraingstore.net for range of sparx and kbc helmets in india.

Sunit said...

Where will I find them in Kolkata