Jan 14, 2008

Auto Expo 2008: TVS Concepts

Another low-key stall. TVS had nothing to show. The aggressive looking Raptor step-through, I was shocked to see had nothing written for it. The company officials simply said, 'Sir, its a concept. No, we don't have a note on it. No, not even on the design. No, you just can see it. No, sir, I don't know anything about it at all.' Hmph. Which destroyed my appetite for appreciating the X-Fossil and the Qube. Both are evidently electric-powered concepts. They probably are not runners, and therefore, mere styling exercises. Translation – TVS wants you to know nothing of what it is working on. Pics coming soon.

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vilav said...

waiting for some gr8 tvs concept pictures especially the x-fossil.

Many Thanks


ps. love ur blog