Jan 3, 2008

Motorcycles: Happy New Year

Now that the awards are given (posts below), it is time to wish you a Happy New Year. I would love to do a wishlist 2008 like I did last year, but if you guys don't mind, I'd like to hold that till the Auto Expo has blown right over, leaving us clues scattering in the cold Delhi wind.

What steps forward did we take last year, then? Um, lets see. Bajaj showed that it is rapidly understanding how bikes become one cohesive, emotive units. Yes, I mean the 220 and the 200. Now, if the quality were to go up one notch and the KTMs would start going on sale... In the process, we now have hi-po headlamps, fuel injection and tubeless tyres. From other Pulsars, we have LED tail lamps, digital dashes. All small steps to be sure. But the big step, Bajaj wise, was just how good the 220 felt in motion. That, was the big step forward. The same is true of the TVS Apache 160. One more motorcycle that came together. Especially the aluminium bits in the package, the crafted levers and stuff. Plus the quick handling and the raging motor. From the Flyte, we learnt that with the right guiding hand, even perpetual 'errors' can be erased.

From the Karizma, we learnt that cosmetic jobs may not always work. From the Unicorn, we learnt, they sometimes, though, they do work.

From the Access, we figured out that packaging is important. From the Machismo 500, we figured out that that's not always obvious.

From the Discover 135, we learnt that a little more displacement can be nice. From the Shine upgrade, we learnt that more displacement, sometimes, is not the end-all and be-all.

And more or less, that would be about it. 2007's biggest achievement is that India's first CBU motorcycles are now on sale. The problem is that, more or less, is the only really big step forward.

2008, on the other hand, is glowing with a lot more promise. All the best to you. And may your fingers hurt from being crossed in anticipation and before you get drunk on 31 December 2008, may you have lots to celebrate.

And if you're wondering, Asahi is now available in India. Another beer that I happen to love.


--xh-- said...

wish you countless happy miles without frustration and roadrage...wish you liters and liters on unadulterated and full quantity petrol and no stray dogs and drunken-thick head pedes and cops.... :)

first_synn said...

Ah.. Asahi Dry...

Quite a nice beer, that one.

BTW, seems like salvation is in order for those souls who still can't get their fair share of in-line 4 madness...

600 cc, 98PS at 5Lakhs approx, anyone?

Your thoughts on this?

Glifford said...


When? Where? Howmuch?

CBU or SKD or Locally Made (under licence)?

And are you sure you not talking of the windshield glass manufaturer?

Anonymous said...

Wish you a great year ahead, bikes beginning with R (hint)and good beer.