Jan 5, 2008

Hidden riding tips

2008 Yamaha YZF-R6I was reading an article about the new Yamaha YZF-R6, when I noticed that there are riding tips hidden in the articles. the specific passage was talking about the new electronics. It said that the systems helped settle the bike into corners by controlling the engine braking. To be precise, the computers don't completely close the throttle when you brake. This reduces the suddenness and intensity of the fork dive. (I'll post the exact quote in a bit, can't find that Cycle World). The whole intention is to ease and smooth the transition from an extended suspension state to a compressed one. the point is that it tells you what you could be doing to ride better. Freddy Spencer was known for closing the throttle fully AFTER he had begun to brake. or was it Eddie Lawson. He was doing manually, then, what the new R6 does electronically, now.

The next time you read about the latest in motorcycle electronics, remember to think about whether there is a thought in there that might help you go faster.

Image: Yamaha

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