Jan 14, 2008

Auto Expo 2008: Royal Enfield

The saddest stall of the lot was this. There was a Machismo 500 and the Thunderbird and a couple of tents... and that's it. No unit gearbox engine, no sign of the FI engine they showed at the NEC in Birmingham... nothing. I'm very disappointed with REML's lacklustre stall and attitude. The Brits can see your next line of products, but Indian enthusiasts aren't good enough to see them, is it? I'm sorry to say this, but showing a dirty looking bike (well-used), A-stars boots, two tents and a Camelbak isn't going to cut it. Its a bike show, not Camping Expo 2008. Yes, I'm very cross.

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vibhu said...

Lol @ Camping Expo 2008 ;)

joshua said...

that wasn't a camelbak, it was a litle bag for the oil that leaks out.

Anonymous said...

I do visit your blog once in a while to gather up the news on bikes and I have been pretty happy with your posts.. until now!!

How can you contradict yourself???so blatantly!!!!

just look at your post about REML stall on your blog and your comment about the same on xBHP.com where you say it works well for you...

Hrishi said...

Umm.. there is an other side to it too..



Abhishek said...

hi brothers,
I do under stand the emotions that most bike enthusiastas come with to the auto expo .Well the theme that REML was following this yaer was not he new bikes or the engines but the feel of being a rider that why our stall had all the gear you require to go to a ride and few vetran riders with some good miles under there butt.

Anant said...

Looks like you dint really get the message. Then the bike aint for you either. Simple as that.

Payeng said...


Rearset is "not" PAYENG..!!


Tell him that Rearset..!!

My blog is The Bike Chronicles of India ..

Hrishi has given the link (in his comment) to my coverage of the R.E stall @ the Auto Expo.