Jan 8, 2008

Bajaj Discover 150, Blade and more

Well, this is all I have for the moment. In the interest of completeness, I've left the four-wheelers bits in. Pics as soon as I can dig 'em up

Bajaj Auto reveals “Lite” 4-wheeler Range at Auto-Expo 08
  • To launch Premium scooter –‘Blade’ in 2008.
  • To introduce new Discover & XCD DTS-i Sprint in 2008
  • New Lite 4-wheel Commercial Vehicles also unveiled
  • Lite Passenger 4-wheeler unveiled
New Delhi, January 8, 2008: Bajaj Auto today presented the new premium scooter the ‘Blade’, the new XCD 125 DTS-i Sprint and the new Discover DTS-i motorcycles, all slated for introduction in 2008. The company also presented two models of Lite 4-wheel commercial vehicles. The Lite Passenger vehicle to be displayed at the 9th Auto Expo in Delhi was also unveiled today.

The company previewed a Distinctly Ahead Premium Scooter, the Bajaj Blade. Unlike most market offerings in this segment which are targeted either to the Family or the Female segments, the Bajaj Blade is specifically designed for the modern urban male.

The Blade DTS-i
This premium-performance scooter completely supports its sporty styling with a powerful 125cc, 4-valve DTS-i engine to zoom ahead. The large 12-inch alloy wheels, and Disc Brakes make for sporty handling. The “Blade DTS-i” also comes with a Front Fuelling system to offer great convenience to the rider at the Petrol Pump.

This scooter is designed to get excitement back in scooters by offering a combination of performance, convenience, and modern styling.

Bajaj Auto also presented the company’s product strategy designed to shift consumers from basic 100cc commuters to superior products, which offer far better performance and features. This strategy of shifting the market has been highly successful and has gained substantial volumes, market share and delivered best in industry profitability for the company as can be seen from the table below:

Item | 2002-03 | 2006-07
Share of 125cc & higher Market in Total Motorcycle | 10% | 36%
BAL Market Share in 125cc and higher Market | 49% | 59%
Overall BAL motorcycle market share | 23% | 35%

Bajaj Auto would continue to catalyze the market up-gradation that started with the launch of Discover DTS-i in 2004 and is currently spearheaded by the recently launched XCD 125 DTS-Si. This product offered an unprecedented combination of 150cc features, 125cc performance with 100 cc mileage and has sold a record 150,000 numbers since its launch on 9th September 07. It has now become India’s leading premium motorcycle brand overtaking the Bajaj Discover DTS-i.

The company is previewing two new offerings for 2008 as part of its larger product strategy:

The XCD DTS-i Sprint
To continue the up-gradation from 100 cc alternatives, the company is launching the Bajaj XCD DTS-i Sprint. This bike has been designed for enthusiasts amongst 100cc customers who are looking for something more exciting and exclusive.

Powered by a four valve 125cc DTS-i engine, the XCD Sprint will race ahead to leave all other alternatives in the segment well behind. The Nitrox suspension in the rear, 17-inch alloy wheels, and Disc Brakes provide for sporty handling and superior riding comfort.

The New Discover 150 DTS-i
The new Sports Tourer, the Discover 150 is now positioned to upgrade the 125cc consumer and will now deliver more power and punch. It carries a lean, athletic, muscular styling with power packed performance. Fully loaded with a 150cc DTS-i engine, electric start, mag-wheels, embedded blinkers and other features, the Discover 150 DTS-i is a compelling package.

According to Mr. S. Sridhar, CEO-2-wheelers, Bajaj Auto Ltd, ”With the launch of this new bikes we will continue to upgrade customers to superior better performing alternatives. The XCD DTS-i Sprint is aimed at upgrading the biking enthusiasts among 100cc customers, the Discover 150 DTS-i at upgrading the earlier 125cc customers. These two offerings will help further consolidate our stranglehold in the 125cc and above segment.”

Lite 4-Wheelers
The company shared the “Lite” vehicle concept, which will be the foundation on which future 4-wheelers will be launched. This Lite range, in two basic forms -- one as a Lite Passenger carrier and the other as Lite Commercial vehicles would provide economical and environment friendly transportation solutions for personal as well as goods movement. The Lite vehicle concept would first offer low running costs & affordable monthly outflows coupled with a reasonable cost of acquisition. This would lead to an unbeatable “total cost of operation”.

The Lite Passenger vehicle to be displayed at the expo has been entirely conceptualized and designed by the Bajaj team at Akurdi. Bajaj Auto would be spearheading the project while Renault-Nissan will give valuable inputs for development. This vehicle will be manufactured in the new Chakan plant near Pune.

The company will also be launching two Lite Commercial vehicles in 2009. Two base models with short and longer wheelbases were presented. These two base models could then have varying body frames for various application i.e. open bodied pick-up van, close bodied delivery van, soft drink, gas cylinder carriers etc. These vehicles will powered by a multi-cylinder diesel engine.

According to Mr. R.C. Maheshwari, CEO-CV, Bajaj Auto, “We have frozen the key performance parameters for the new commercial vehicles. The values that will drive the business will be those of innovation and offering the highest value for our customers. The Lite Commercial vehicles will also be rolled out from the new Chakan plant.”

This “Distinctly Ahead” product line-up undeniably reaffirms Bajaj Product leadership by offering consumers innovative technology, unique features, outstanding performance and landmark styling.
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Anonymous said...

hey man u in delhi right now? covering auto expo?

Hrishi said...

Jeez. I was hoping for a @300cc homegrown bajaj...


Praveen t said...

No KTMs. Even though I cannot buy them now, would have liked to see them being launched.

Glifford said...

Was disappointed that the Blade is just 125 and not a 150 as expected... but till i read it was 4 Valve! And that is coming to the
XCD DTS-i Sprint too! Wow! How much longer would it take to come to the bigger brothers. (remember how exhaustec and alloy wheels came
from the Discover to the Pulsar?)

And with the 150 cc (Sports Tourer) Discover, would it mean that the P150's days are numbered? With a marginal price difference between the 150 and 180 (now), would customers be forced to pick the 180 if they wanted "the Pulsar"? I feel the brand is strong enough to enforce that!

What do you think?

rearset said...

@hrishi/praveen t
Don't jump the gun just yet. Bajaj-KTM press conference is at the Auto Expo, either on 9th or 10th.

May not be the case. Bajaj may have found that cost of production of the Discover is significantly cheaper than the P150. So a Disco 150, which is roughly (say, speculation) Rs 5,000 cheaper than the Pulsar, might seriously push the 125cc class and as the same time allow lower entry threshold into the 150cc segment.

On the other hand, I wouldn't mind the Pulsar's upward migration, with the range starting only at 180cc. What I do hope is that if Bajaj do a 300cc Pulsar, they change the tank.

sriram said...

125cc for blade is disappointing
everything else sounds like will compete with kinetic blaze, but 125cc????? anyway last expo also they showed the Blade hopefully its gotten better

Hafeezeus said...

The blade seems like my next scoot..

Although I'm disappointed as I was expecting something around 200cc with liquid cooling..I can dream cant I?

and rearset : I was expecting a lot more from your blog but it turns out there are other websites that are coming up with scoops/pics of new launches....I'm waiting for your take/reviews on them...

Hafeezeus said...

Where are you? I'm eagerly waiting for your pics/comments on the auto expo

joshua said...

can we have more on the Yamaha please. who care bout Bajaj anyway