Jan 3, 2008

Rearset's Annual Motorcycle Awards: List Two

Still here, so what of the year
Hero Honda CD-Deluxe

Despite the brand new engine, it changed absolutely nothing. That has to be an achievement. Imagine if the US launched a Space Shuttle, which returned after years in orbit and billions of spent dollars. The first words the astronaut says, 'Well, the shuttle runs quieter than before. And... yeah, that's it.'

Too late of the year
TVS Flame
The Flame is the motorcycle that the GLX upgrade (cosmetic upgrade 2007) should have been. Then, by now, the court case would have been closer to a solution. And TVS's sales wouldn't have been at half-mast. I mean flagging.

Famous no show of the year
Bajaj Sonic
So much for Collection 2006, the theme of Bajaj's 2006 Auto Expo Stall. The Sonic, which still gets an enormous amount of web traffic at this blog is still firmly under wraps. Don't tell me they'll unveil the upgraded Sonic at the Auto Expo...

Rehash of the year
Suzuki Zeus CD
'Hey, the Zeus isn't selling, wonder why?'
'Let's do a customer poll.'

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Nandu Chitnis said...

I hear the bike of the year is TVS RTR 160....

Hrishi said...

Yamaha did launch the true super bikes.
Or you are considering only those manufactured in india?